- 2018 CHRR - Chappell Hill Road Race

Chappell Hill Bank Classic Road Race - in Chappell Hill, TX.


If your role(s) - especially those out on the course - require that you need to be contacted or you need to contact people, T-Mobile will not be a good option for you.  Roles that critically need working cellular service along the course:

  • Course Marshall
  • Lead Car drivers
  • Follow Car drivers

Other roles that MAY need working cell phones:

  • Feed Zone coordinator
  • Corner Marshals
  • KOM/QOM Judges
  • Course photographer(s)

Volunteering Positions - Grouped

Lead car drivers are expected to be aware of the distance between his/her car and the racers behind them.
Drivers are expected to keep a radio to maintain communication with the official in the follow car.  If radio is not available, make sure that you have your phone available - preferably connected to a handsfree (or bluetooth) device.

Follow car drivers need to drive a vehicle that can carry several wheelsets (5 to 10).
10 minutes before the start of the race they follow, they need to tell the starter how many wheelsets they carry in their car.