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Welcome to Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC)

Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC) is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization which promotes the social, competitive, recreational, philanthropic, and health aspects of cycling through education, club rides, and club meetings. Northwest Cycling Club was formed in November of 1986. Since then the club has grown from approximately six members to an average annual membership of over 400. We proudly have held five titles for USA Cycling’s Club of the Year.


NWCC offers events for all levels of riders and many types of riding. You will not need fancy equipment and you’ll always find friendly faces and generously offered tips and advice. To do any form of group riding you should be able to maintain an approximate 13mph+ rolling average (which may vary based on wind, group, etc.) for at least twenty miles (with breaks). Free training plans are available online along with advice for bike computers, fitness watches, apps for your phone and so on. Or reach out to us and we can help. We all were beginners once.

For those just starting to explore group rides or for those who want a casual pace, we recommend our Saturday Coffee Rides. For those ready to tackle something longer, and faster (maybe even a lot faster), come out to the Hockley Community Center on Wednesday mornings and/or Zube Park on Saturdays.

From the President

From The President August 31, 2023

From The President August 31, 2023

Back in the days when I was a mariner, we were berthing an oil tanker in the Arabian Gulf in summer in intense heat.  We went alongside at “2 a.m. in the morning,” and as the local pilot, an Arab, and I walked out of the wheelhouse to look over the side to see how...

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From The President July 30, 2023

From The President July 30, 2023

It’s been a couple of months since the last update from yours truly, a couple of weeks of that being spent with ten different club member friends cycling the roads of Provence, France.  It’s always fabulous in Provence! The Katy Flatlands Century on July 16th was...

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Join the club – it’s cycling and more!

Have just a few minutes a day, a few hours a month, or all day during our signature events? Want to make a difference behind the scenes or have a say in club policies? Let us know!

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Thanks to our pal Craig Angaroni for bringing the grub and drinks for post-ride refreshments at Zube Park today.

Zube Saturday Refreshments

Thanks to our pal Craig Angaroni for bringing the grub and drinks for post-ride refreshments at Zube Park today. Craig’s a regular at this.

You don’t have to be a member to partake of the food and drink, but we do need members to take their turn on bringing the supplies so we can keep this very social part of the ride alive. It’s a great time and place to meet new people, and to hear about the club.

Feed people and hang out, a time-tested way to build community. If you are already coming to Zube on Saturdays, the extra time commitment is minimal. So is your expense since the club reimburses our grub-bringers. Join in and see tired riders smile! Click the button below for details.

Zube Park Ride - Saturday June 11

Zube No Drop Ride Leaders

Remember your first few group rides? Maybe you were wanting to meet people, get strong, and learn more but were uncertain how. Now that you are more experienced, here’s your chance to share your knowledge and love of cycling.

The No Drop Leader is responsible for leading the No Drop Group on the 25-mile route along US 290 business to the Chevron at 35515 U.S. 290 Waller, TX 77484 and back.

Riders are expected to average 13 mph in good conditions though may need help with simple mechanical issues. This is where you’ll also teach group riding skills and etiquette. Check out this Wheel Brothers article about our 2017 no-drop leaders. Click on the button below to say yes and tell us when.

Volunteers Rewards Program

Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC) members can apply the credits for volunteering toward NWCC apparel. Non NWCC members can apply credits toward a new NWCC membership.

The program was upgraded May 6, 2023. Check it out!

Volunteer Signup

All NWCC Members are expected to volunteer during the year in support of the weekly rides and our big events, the Bluebonnet Express and Katy Flatland Century. If you haven’t volunteered lately, it’s time to sign up. 

Katy Flatlands Century

 Upcoming Annual Rides of Interest

This is not a comprehensive list of upcoming rides. Listing of rides does not imply club participation or endorsement by NWCC. Click on the event below to go to the event website for more information.

Bike to the Beach

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    2023 Glassner Autumn Challenge

    October 14, 2023 – Montgomery County, Alabama

    Bike to the Beach

      2023 Bike to the Beach

      October 14, 2023 – Houston to Galveston, Texas

      Bike Around The Bay 2023

        2023 Bike Around The Bay

        October 21-22, 2023 – Baytown to Galveston, Texas and back

        2023 Bike Around the Island

        October 21, 2023 – Galveston, Texas

        Ride to End ALZ (Texas)

          Ride to End ALZ (Texas)

          Saturday, November 11, 2023 – Blue Hole Regional Park in Wimberley, TX

          2023 Bluebonnet Express

            2024 Bluebonnet Express

            Sunday April 21, 2024 – Waller, TX

            2024 Big Dam Bridge Challenge!!!!!

            We had a respectable showing of participants from the club for this years event, but we had some competition from a rival club from Memphis, named Victory Cycles. They had a large group, probably over 40 riders attend this years ride. Their tent was next to ours and they cheered their riders as they cross the finish line. We did the 50 mile route this year with a few exceptions as other members did the 75 mile course.

            Annual Bike Rides for Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC)

            I am challenging club members to attend next year and do the 75 mile course. Yes, it is difficult as you climb the big mountain on that course, but if we train for it, nothing is impossible. So sign up here and lets have a large group from Houston to rival Victory Cycles next year. If you feel the 75 is a bit much that’s OK too, just come and have a great time with fellow club members. We had a blast riding together and eating out as a group in Little Rock. So I encourage all NWCC members to join in on the fun and be apart of the training as we get ready for next year. If you have not done this ride, it should be on your bucket list of rides to do. It certainly is one of my favorites.

            Respond back to Carl Grasshoff if you want to join us.

            NWCC Donation to BSA Troop 557

            Volunteers Needed for Barnyard Buddies – October 4th from 8:30 to 1 PM

            Barnyard Buddies time again. We have been asked again to support this great cause for the Waller County fair. Last year we had over 20 volunteers come out and helped the kids have a great time. This years event will be held on October 4th from 8:30 to 1 PM. Everyone who participated last year had a great time and the support was greatly appreciated by the fair association. Lets get behind this great cause again this year and support the community and the kids.

            This is to support the Waller County Fair Association. They open the fair grounds for a day to let children with disabilities come from the schools and have a fun day at the fair. Our job is to escort them around the park and interact with them to see that they have a great day. They will ride many of the rides available and participate at the booths. Lunch is also served and we get to have lunch with them. If anyone has the time it will be well spent supporting these kids. Just another way NWCC can give back to the community. There’s also a petting farm where the kids can pick up a small animal etc.

            If you can help, please contact Carl Grasshoff

             Cycling Skills Series

            NWCC is holding a “Welcome to Cycling” class on October 1, 2.30 pm, in Bear Creek Park. It’s open to members and non-members and it’s an opportunity to learn basic cycling skills, and some basic maintenance like changing a tube, too.

            These training courses will take place at Bear Creek Park, which provides both the opportunity for good riding but also importantly for low vehicular traffic and some semi-controlled environments. We’re doing three different sessions, and they will be progressive:

            The first session is very similar to the safety and maintenance class we have been conducting for a long time: basic maintenance and safety education with both instruction and on-bike demonstration.

            Our second session will focus on group riding. This includes basics like hand signals and communication, but also things like how we rotate on the front in our club-led rides (not everyone does this the same way the world over, and we’re not trying to advocate the “right” way–just *our *way so you can safely ride with us or in most groups), what “HOLD YOUR LINE!” actually means (and how to set the line on a proper turn, and who actually is responsible for setting the line in a double pace line…) among many other things.

            The third session is advanced skills. No, we’re not going to teach you how to bunny hop railroad tracks but we’ll show you things like how to corner faster and more efficiently, how to protect yourself from contact, and even nuances like how to take a bottle while in a group (you might think there isn’t skill and technique to this but at some point you’ll see a few riders hit the deck because someone doesn’t know how to do this properly).

            I encourage you to invite people who will benefit, but also to attend yourself. Even if you know *everything *that will be covered in these sessions you can still show up and maybe learn how to teach some things to less experienced riders, or at the very least you can show up to **encourage **these newer riders. Let them see what makes this club so great: the people. Every cycling club likes riding bikes and has club rides but we have the friendliest, most encouraging ones.

            If you or someone you know is interested in attending please have them email Geoff to RSVP at You can also find all three sessions on the club calendar on our website.

            Cycling Skills Series

            NWCC Donation to BSA Troop 73 for Supporting 2023 Katy Flatland Century

            Our final donation to Boy Scouts for their help at NWCC’s 2024 KFC Ride was made last night by VP Amy Smith and Geoff Donnelly. Troop 73 manned three of the six rest stops for the ride and, by all accounts, did it very enthusiastically too. They were rewarded commensurately, and were very enthusiastic about that, too!

            Well done, Troop 73!

            NWCC Donation to BSA Troop 557

            NWCC Donation to BSA Troop 557 for Supporting 2023 Katy Flatland Century

            NWCC VP Amy Smith and President Geoff Donnelly had the pleasure of thanking the young people and their leaders of Scout Troop 557 for their running a rest stop at our KFC ride in July. The $1000 we are donating to them for their efforts will help sustain their activities for a considerable time and they were delighted to receive it!

            Well done Troop 557!

            NWCC Donation to BSA Troop 557

            NWCC Donation to BSA Troop 567 for Supporting 2023 Katy Flatland Century

            NWCC VP Amy Smith and President Geoff Donnelly had the pleasure of thanking the young people and their leaders of Scout Troop 567 for their running a rest stop at our KFC ride in July. The $1000 we are donating to them for their efforts will help sustain their activities for a considerable time.

            Bravo Troop 567!

            NWCC Donation to BSA Troop 567

            NWCC Member David Herd

            Our club jerseys have been seen in many of the states of the USA and an occasional country in Europe too. Here’s our member David Herd who finished third in the Velo 99 Handicap race and first in the over 70s in England recently.

            Chapeau Dave!

            NWCC Member David Herd

            KFC Photo Contest Winner

            Congratulations to Gyorgy F for this entry which won the KFC photo contest from all the photos submitted by riders who took part in the Katy Flatlands Century. Gyorgy has won himself a free ride in the 2024 KFC and free annual membership of NWCC. Well done!

            2023 KFC Photo Contest Winner
            Monthly Club Meeting - July 9

            Starting Time – Regular Rides

            – October 1 to March 31 starts at 8:00 AM
            – April 1 to September 30 starts at 7:30 AM

            Coffee Rides
            – Starts at 8:00 AM

            Hump Day
            – October 1 to March 31 starts at 8:00 AM
            – April 1 to September 30 starts at 7:30 AM

            MTB Sunday Rides
            – 1 per month – Time TBA

            NWCC Team Store Now Open (Members Only)

            Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC) members can order club apparel from ScudoPro. 8-day delivery with no minimum order.

            • NWCC Amateur/Club Fit Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey
            • NWCC Elite Fit Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey
            • NWCC Pro Fit Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey
            • NWCC PRO-BIB Cycling Short
            • NWCC Speedsuit – Men
            • NWCC SKINSUIT – Women
            • NWCC PRO-Thermal Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey
            • NWCC Arm Sleeves – Warmers
            • NWCC Arm Sleeves – UV Protection
            • NWCC Headband / NeckGaiter
            • NWCC Cycling Cap
            • NWCC Podium Shirt
            • NWCC Windbreaker Jacket
            • NWCC Windbreaker Vest

            Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC) Events & Activities Calendar

            september, 23

            Northwest Cycling Club Benefits

            The Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC) was founded in 1986 and continues to be a part of the cycling community in Houston, TX. We are here to support cyclists from beginners to racers, with something for all ages!

            NWCC has something for every type of cyclist, from casual riders to racers, elementary school kids to grandparents. We ride on the road, in the dirt, and everywhere in between. You’ll find us on the roads and trails in the Northwest Houston area, and on trips all over Texas and surrounding states. We are one of the largest cycling clubs in Texas.

            Make Friends!

            • Saturday Group Rides by skill level
            • Weekly Group Rides – weekdays three days a week
            • Members-only social events
            • Organized / coordinated travel plans
            • Club Holiday rides

            Train and Get Fit!

            Frequent short rides are more effective than infrequent long sessions. If you only have three hours to spare per week you will be able to improve your fitness. To keep progressing and improving your fitness, you ideally need to be riding your bike every two to three days, even if it’s just a short trainer workout. The minimum you can get away with and still see significant fitness gains is three rides a week.

            Learn Skills!

            • Rider Safety Course
            • Learn to be a ride leader
            • Learn about washing your bike, nutrition, bike maintenance and more
            • Group riding skills


            NWCC Members receive discounts with club sponsors, such as NW Cycles and others!

            Opportunities to Serve

            • Serve on the club board or numerous committees
            • Help organize key rides including the BlueBonnet Express and Katy Flatlands Century
            • Serve during key rides as SAG drivers, corner monitors, and at rest areas.
            • Ride Leaders
            • Ride Marshals

            Philantropic and Community Support

            NWCC donates most of the proceeds from sponsored events to charities and community organizations including Suzannah Smiles (Spina Bifida), Alkek Velodrome, Boys & Girls Country, Houston Food Bank, Waller County Sheriff’s Office, Waller ISD, Waller Assistance & Restoration Ministries, Walk to End Alzheimer’s, Boy Scounts of America, Royal ISD, Bike Houston, Waller County Fair & Rodeo, and Barnyard Buddies (children with disabilities).

            Membership Has Its Privileges

            Come Ride With Us!

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            "The Northwest Cycling Club was founded in 1986 and continues to be a part of the cycling community in Houston, TX. We are here to support cyclists from beginners to racers, with something for all ages!"

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            Northwest Cyclery
            17464 Northwest Fwy
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