10/26/2021 NWCC Board Meeting

Present – Geoff Donnelly (president), David Harman (vice president), Sabrina Strawn (secretary), Troy Ottmer (treasurer), Brent Neal (media), Carl Grasshoff (Bluebonnet ride director and senior games coordinator), Erica Harman (Katy Flatland ride director), Ron Breitwieser (equipment chair), Chris Green (webmaster), Michelle Casper (mountain bike chair),

Absent – Kim King (immediate past president), James McCowen (sponsor representative)

President’s Report
Safety: A meeting re the incident near Waller on Saturday 25Sep21 will take place on mid-November and the president and secretary will attend.
Another ride leader class is needed; some have volunteered.
The board agreed that the pace groups will revert to 14-16, 16-18, 18-20 in 2022.
Regarding kit, the board decided to move to two vendors in the new year: ScudoPro and Vie13.

Vice President’s report
Continuing to work on the holiday party with hopes to send options to board via email.
Thursday night ride ends this week due to lack of light. Was a small but good quality ride for adding to membership. I intend to bring it back next year.
Concur with Geoff, additional ride leader training should be scheduled. Potential leaders we have been courting need to be confirmed.
Communication channel for ride leaders now exists on messenger, but not all leaders are in that group. Need to be more consistent, and set expectations for communication prior to the weekly saturday rides, we are having circumstances where we are short on leaders and trying to ad hoc replace them, which is not effective.

Treasurer’s report

Bank Balance – $105,226.81
Deposits in October –
Membership Works – $468.18
Payments in October –
Storage Units Rent – $206.00 for unit 1727 on 10/1
Short Term Storage Shed (for t-shirts) – $77.94 on 10/1
Chris Green Reimbursement – Elementor Pro license renewal – $49.00 on 10/18
Pending Payments for November –
Storage Units Rent – $206.00 for unit 1727 on 11/1
Short Term Storage Shed (for t-shirts) – $77.94 on 11/1
GoDaddy renewals (need Chris to verify what we need to renew vs. what can cancel)
SiteGround – same as GoDaddy
Waller County Fairgrounds deposit – $1000 or $1,200

BBX Report
BBX Date: March 27, 2022
New Start/Finish: Waller County Fairgrounds
MS 150 Org. Notified about date change
Police scheduled to work that date
Routes will probably be reversed to accommodate new location.

Mountain bike report
October 17th ride at Brazos River Park in Sugar Land
Next ride: Sunday Oct. 31 at Cypresswoods + noon hangout at 11 below w/Troy
November tbd

Webmaster report
NWCC.Bike site has been restored to full editing capabilities
Email forwarders have been corrected with the vast majority removed completely
Old unnecessary email accounts have been removed
Next step will be recovering access to other NWCC event web sites or having them deleted to avoid stale information
Currently seeking an outside/club-adjacent resource to handle ongoing webmaster duties to ensure the sites remain healthy and properly updated once recovery efforts are completed

Membership report
As of October 26th, membership was at 510, an increase of 12 since last month.
Family Membership 226
Individual 240
Lifetime 28
Complimentary 16
Female 187 Male 323
Over 50 +/- 272

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