Benefits of Membership - let's bring it on in '21!

Northwest Cycling Club has something for every type of cyclist, from casual riders to racers, elementary school kids to grandparents.  We ride on the road, in the dirt, and everywhere in between.  You’ll find us on the roads and trails in the Greater Houston area, and on trips all over Texas and surrounding states.  We are the largest cycling club in Texas.

Many prospective new members may be asking themselves – “why join?” – here is a list of benefits to joining our club: why not get involved today?

Make Friends!

  • Weekly group rides –  four days a week
  • Members-only events, including social events as well as bike rides
  • Organized / coordinated travel plans
  • Club Holiday rides
  • Monthly News Blasts
  • Find club members near you using our map and directory

Train and Get Fit!

  • Beginner “No Drop” rides with mentorship for progressing

  • Race team mentor for club members interested in graduating to faster groups

  • Monthly mileage competitions with prizes

  • Access to Training schedules for meeting specific goals

  • Off-season group trainer sessions

  • NWCC Training Programs

Learn Skills!

  • Ride Leader development program

  • Knowledge Base: washing your bicycle, nutrition, basic maintenance, Intro to Racing

  • Group Riding skill classes

  • Introduction to BMX racing

Junior Development Program

  • Junior rider development program with Coach Carl Jones

  • Junior Race team

  • National competition scholarships for Junior racers
  • Summer camp for middle through high schoolers


  • West Texas race team camp in January

  • Reimbursed race registration fees

  • Senior Games competition with training support, and potential expense reimbursement for travel expenses


  • Registration reimbursement for specific local rides: Kate’s Ride, Big Dam Bridge, Alzheimer’s Ride.

  • Member discounts with club sponsors, such as NW Cycles, Vie13, No Label Brewery, and others!

Not to mention the encouragement and motivation you will gain!

Join us today!