From The President 07Nov21

The incident involving six cyclists injured on our home training grounds of old U.S. 290 by a teen “rolling coal” last month has generated anger across local cycling communities and well beyond the state of Texas.  When it was brought to my attention, my first thought was for all our club members and non-members who are frequent riders in Waller County.  Now it is the hope that all the injured parties make full recoveries. 

The board has decided to stand by while letting the course of the law wind its way through the legal system. We will speak out in policy forums such as the cycling summit called by Waller County’s chief executive, the County Judge, in mid-November. We will report back to members shortly after its conclusion, but in the meantime we implore you to be alert, ride safely, be cooperative and be friendly; use all the digits on your hands when waving!

In better news, if you look at the calendar on our website, you will see that there are rides listed for many different types of rider, from slow and casual to faster and sporty.  There are trail rides, MTB rides, rides at Zube, and rides with coffee, so come on out and join us.  Our ride leader program has worked well and we are now looking for more riders to help us in shepherding rides.  If you’re interested, please let me, Sabrina, David VP or Troy know that you’re in.  Please note that rides out of Zube will start at 8 am effective this coming Saturday October 9.

November is the month for club elections to the 2022 Board.  The four current Elected Officers, VP David Harman, Secretary Sabrina Strawn, Treasurer Troy Ottmer and myself have all agreed to continue in our roles for 2022, but if you have interest in standing for any of these positions, please let me know promptly so that your name can be added to the ballot.

Finally, I would like to thank Samuel Wu for his wonderful service to the club in his role as No Drop Leader, from which he has recently resigned.  He filled this position for a number of years and has helped countless riders, many members, from a very basic beginner level to the point where they have become accomplished enough to move on as proper cyclists into faster groups.  Our Board currently has a number of riders who showed up, with trepidation, for their first ride at Zube and were taken under Samuel’s protective wing.  His input at Board level has been invaluable and I will miss it, but I look forward to seeing Samuel on his bike in the future. 

Be safe, all!


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