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From The President 09Mar21

The Board has been working hard to bring some sense of normality back to the events that the club normally puts on through any year of peace and tranquility.  Unfortunately, we have run into COVID-related stumbling blocks and have already had to cancel the Bluebonnet Express ride as we cannot get permission to use one of the usual school sites for our start/finish locations.  Despite the recent lifting of COVID restriction going into effect on March 10, schools are understandably reluctant to allow hundreds of people onto their locations until COVID cases and the transmission rate are much further reduced.  The situation may also be the same for the Katy Flatlands Ride which is scheduled for July 18; we have not yet obtained permission from the appropriate authorities to use a school.  We’re working on it!  We’re also exploring the possibility of running the BBX in the Fall and we’ll keep you updated.

At our last Board meeting, we discussed at length the Bear Creek Crits, and the six weeks of Wednesday evening races that were due to start April 24; after some  debate, we have decided to postpone, not cancel, the Crits, which we will  start on Wednesday, September 1, assuming that all safety criteria can be met.  This is a disappointment for all of us, but we must maintain and follow all safety precautions.  However, SWCC  has advised us that they would like to run the series as originally planned, so we will have two series of Bear Creek Crits this year.

Better news: we are committed to running the Texas Ultra Spirit at Fayetteville on Friday May 7, if we possibly can.  This event is an ultra distance solo ride where groups do not gather together in close proximity.  We feel that we can operate the event safely and we hope club members will partake and challenge themselves in a time trial type of environment on a 15 mile loop.  It’s fun!

Although we’re all disappointed with the current state of cycling in our location, please be assured we’re doing our best to reinstate group cycling within the club.  We know that many of you are riding safely in your own bubbles, as are many of us on the Board, and we know many club members are riding the Ready2Roll series; unfortunately, on March 6, club member Jerry Vargas took a tumble and fractured a bone or two so he will be off his bike for while.  We wish Jerry a fast recovery and we look forward to seeing you all out on your bikes soon! 

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