From the President 11Aug21

An extraordinary meeting of the Board was called on Tuesday August 10th to discuss the club’s activities bearing in mind the current situation with the Delta variant of COVID-19.  We were unanimous in carrying on with the rides already in place; the Coffee Ride in Tomball and the three groups of riders leaving Zube Park at their various speeds will continue on Saturdays, as will the somewhat ad hoc Hump Day ride out of Hockley Community Center on Wednesdays.  However, we would be remiss as a Board if we did not review our decision for those rides at the end of the month.
The Labor Day ride plan was reviewed, with the original being scrapped.  We are now working on a different ride with an alternative start/finish point and will advise you of the plan as soon as we can.
It is with regret, though, that the Board has unanimously agreed that the Waller Flatlands Express (WFX) ride scheduled for October 10th be cancelled.  We have some serious misgivings on the safety and health of our volunteers.  We rely heavily on the Boy Scouts to run the rest stops, and on SAG drivers to provide support to riders in distress etc.  We cannot risk any of them being put in a position of catching the virus.  Many of the Scouts are at this stage too young to be vaccinated, and our SAG drivers are generally from our senior membership.  Furthermore, we are at the stage at which we will be paying non-refundable deposits to various bodies and, having studied the pandemic trends, there is some financial risk involved; that risk is, of course, secondary to our intention of protecting our volunteers.
The decision is a disappointment to us all, especially to Carl Grasshoff, Erica Harman and Troy Ottmer, all of whom have done much work in preparation for the ride.  They have agreed with and accepted the decision gracefully and all three of them have my thanks for the great work they have done to this point.
Despite this disappointment, I will look forward to seeing many of you out on the road soon.

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