The July Fourth VP Ride was enjoyed by all who rode that Monday, despite the heat.  The day before the ride, our VP David Harman quickly revised the route to avoid roadwork and picked some great new roads.  A big thank you to Mrs. VP Erica, who acted as SAG driver for us; thanks from all of us!

On Saturday afternoon July 9, we held our July general meeting at Senate Avenue Brewing once again.  We were joined by Emma from Waller ISD, whose essay below was adjudged by the school to be the best response to the essay prompt we provided, and who was awarded the $500 NWCC scholarship to be spent on educational materials.

Here’s the text of her winning essay “Why Cyclist and Drivers Should Share the Road”

Cyclists and drivers share the road every day.  There are laws directing exactly how this is to happen to keep everyone safe.  I have been a driver for less than 2 years, and I did not realize what a divisive issue sharing the road can be.  This may be a controversial opinion, but I think the reason this has become as issue is because everyone in our society is always in too much of a hurry.  Both cyclists and drivers have a legal right to the roadways.  Drivers have a variety of important places to be.  Cyclists are devoting their time to their health and many of them are competitors doing something they love.  There are even cyclists who use it as a mode of transportation just like a car to get to work or feed their families.  so, why do both sides get so angry?  Why does one group think their rights or wants should supersede the other?  I may be young, but I think it is because people do not take the time to put themselves in the other’s shoes.  If people were not in a rush, they would not be irritated by waiting on a cyclist to drive by or by riding single file.  Or not beating your last record, if you are a cyclist.  To answer the question of why cyclists and drivers should share the road, I can only answer “Why not?”  Other than a minor inconvenience to either side, there is no reason to not share the road.

Monthly Club Meeting - July 9

Emma is going to Tarleton State University this fall to study animal care.

In other news, we’re gearing up for the Katy Flatlands Century on Sunday, July 17th; if you have not already volunteered to help, please go here and see if there’s a space for you:

Don’t forget to check the website calendar for the latest news on our regular rides.  You will see that the Big Dam Bridge Ride in North Little Rock, Arkansas is scheduled for September 24, 2022.  If you have interest in riding it, please let me know via the website and we’ll see if we can organize a group to attend.

Be safe, and hydrate!