Here we are, five weeks into 2023, and I’m already off the pace for my annual mileage target, thanks to the cold weather we’ve been having!  We need the heater back on!

Tuesday February 7th sees the first of the year’s monthly meetings taking place at NW Cyclery, 17564 Northwest Fwy, 77040.  As is always the case for this meeting, our Treasurer, Troy, will lay out the annual budget for club members.  If you want to influence the budget, or question the Treasurer, please do attend.  If you simply want to come along to socialize with other members, we’ll be delighted to see you.  We will be there from 6.30 pm; the business end of the meeting will start at 7 pm.  Come and join us and, if you can, please let us know you’re coming by emailing – thanks!

Preparations for the BBX ride on April 23 are well in hand, thanks to the great efforts of Ride Director Carl Grasshoff.  As is ever the case, we need volunteers from the club to help us run this event successfully.  We’re currently at a club membership of 434 and we hope that many of you will volunteer here  Ideally, a member would volunteer for either the BBX or the KFC and ride the other, but please remember there are some positions for which you can volunteer day of, and ride for free.  

This year, we have the Texas Senior Games happening on March 5th.  Race for qualification spots for the 2024 USA National Senior Games at Pace Bend Park with your peers – it’s fun.  The USA Nationals 2023 are taking place in July in Pittsburgh and we have at least two members who qualified for these games in 2022 going there to race.  The Board has decided that it will support our Senior Games participants with a gift of $150 for each event, Texas and/or Nationals, in which they participate.  All you have to do is race wearing club kit, preferably the current kit, and send a photo of yourself at the race in said kit to the Prez.  If you don’t have the current kit, order via the website and you will have it in less than two weeks.

We’re hoping for a 2023 in which we run successful BBX and KFC rides to maintain the club’s viability.  We’re always looking for volunteers for the Board and we’re always looking for sponsors; what can you do to help?

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting on Tuesday and out on the road, too.