• Go to to vote for the next board.
  • Many thanks to David and Erica Harman for all your hard work and for all the fun!
  • Tuesday 11/1/2022 Annual Meeting Northwest Cyclery 17464 Northwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77040.
  • Sunday 12/4/2022 Holiday Party

As we know, this is “voting season” and we should all exercise our right to vote.  The club votes annually for its Elected Officials” at this time of the year, and this year is no different. Over the years, the club has become more adept at adopting electronic voting and this year we have a seamless method on our website  It’s a simple process:

Go to the home page using the link above and click on Member Login;

Log in – if you have not done this before, request a password and, on receipt, complete logging in;

On the home page, click on Events at the top and select 2022 NWCC Leadership Election;

Voting opens at 5 pm 27 October and closes at 11 pm November 1.  Make your choices!  

Sabrina Strawn (Secretary), Troy Ottmer (Treasurer) and I have all made the decision to stay on in our current roles, if voted in.  David Harman has “retired” from the role of Vice President with Amy Smith volunteering to fill that position.  If you are interested in serving in any of those roles or know someone who is, feel free to fill in the name instead of those listed above.

On the ballot, we’ve also listed available committees.  Some have directors or committee chairs though not all. Writing in a name here isn’t a commitment, merely an expression of interest. We will follow up. Remember, we can’t put on our rides, our events, and donate back to the community without lots of volunteers.

A few words of thanks to our retiring VP, David Harman; he’s been an integral member of the club for a long time, and has been a positive VP.  His holiday VP rides have been well organized and well attended and I believe it is purely coincidental that they have all started and finished at breweries.  Or maybe not – David knows more about beer than anyone I have ever met!  Through his leadership of the Thursday Night Greenway rides, the club has picked up new members and another ride to add to the roster.  It’s our hope that he will continue leading these rides in the future.  The remaining officials share immense gratitude for all that David and his wife Erica (especially in her role directing the Texas Ultra Spirit) have brought to the club. Let’s all continue to support their 100 Miles to Nowhere, too.

In other news, NWCC recently made a donation of $1600 to the junior program run by member Carl Jones at the Alkek Velodrome in recognition of the help the kids and their parents, and Carl with his music, gave to our KFC event earlier this year.  Back in the day, pre-COVID, we had a very exciting junior roster.  Unfortunately, many of them aged out, the pandemic affected the program and volunteers to continue with the club’s input were hard to find.  We hope to repair this relationship in 2023.

The Holiday Party is booked for Sunday December 4 – mark your diaries!

The next club meeting is on Tuesday November 1, back at the the club shop, NW Cyclery, 17464 Northwest Fwy, 77040.  Join us from 6.30 pm for socializing, food and drinks, with the meeting starting at 7 pm.  You’ll have the chance to vote in person on some minor changes to the club bylaws for which we need membership approval.

Finally, please vote in the Elected Officials voting process.  It’s your chance to influence the way forward!

I look forward to seeing you on the road.  Be safe!