Lastest Club Meeting

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January 2021 General Meeting

Nearly 50 members and visitors joined us on Zoom to hear new president Geoff Donnelly introduce the new board, recent board activities (see, the results of the recent survey, and his goals for his term (to be posted). In a lively ice-breaker, members shared their 2021 cycling goals of more mileage, longer distances, new disciplines, and travel. Please plan to join us Tuesday 2/2/2021 at 7 on Zoom for our next meeting.

President & Rider safetyGeoff Donnelly
Vice PresidentDavid Harman
SecretarySabrina Strawn
TreasurerTroy Ottmer
Webmaster CommitteeMilton Ekola
Mountain Bike CommitteeMichelle Casper
Bluebonnet Express Committee & Senior GamesCarl Grasshoff
Katy Flatlands CommitteeErica Harman
Immediate past presidentKim King
Newsletter CommitteeBrent Neal (resigned from board though continuing to serve in this role)
Racing Team Committeeopen
No-Drop Ride CommitteeSamuel Wu
Equipment CommitteeRon Breitwieser
NWCC Sponsor Rep.James McCowen
Volunteer Committeeopen
Membership CommitteeLiz McGlynn


Preferred activities per survey
  • Small weekly rides
  • Social rides
  • Monthly meetings being educational (more below)
  • Rides arranged by individual members
  • Monthly meetings being social
  • General cycling training program


Preferred general meeting topics per survey
  • tips on bike maintenance
  • training tips
  • ice breakers/ opportunities to get to know other participants
  • info on racing disciplines
  • regular sponsor segments (NW Cyclery, Vie13, No Label Brewery)
  • tips on bike and accessory purchases