Since my last missive earlier this month, our webmaster Steve Green has launched the newest version of our club website, and very good it is too!  It’s clean, easy to follow, packed with good stuff and is found at the same place as before:  We are updating a few pages as we go, and we have used many of the ideas from the last version, with some really good improvements too.  Good job, Steve!

Mechtilde Willumsen and I represented the club, and Texas, at the USA National Senior Games in Fort Lauderdale, during the week beginning May 16, 2022.  Both of us raced against the clock in both available time trials and we were each rewarded with “bling” for finishing in the top seven in strong fields.  Mechtilde then won her 20 k road race a few days later, being the marvel that she is!  These races are competitive, and lots of fun.  The camaraderie amongst the participants is great, lots of fun, and many laughs – until you clip in, and then it’s “let’s go!”  I was at the 2019 Nationals in Albuquerque which were fun too, and I encourage you to qualify at the Texas Senior Games and, if you qualify, race at the Nationals.  I’ve really enjoyed them, but after attending two, I’m “retiring”.  I now have a TT bike doing nothing.

Coming up on our calendar we have our May Mountain Bike Sunday with Michelle Casper leading a ride at Brazos River Park on Sunday, May 29, rolling at 9 am.  We also have a hastily put together Memorial Day VP Ride on, yep, Memorial Day, Monday May 30, at Hockley Community Center, lead by our VP David Harman, wheels down at 8 am.  Two groups, one of which will be “no drop”.  After the ride, we’ll be gathering at Willie’s Grill & Icehouse near the club shop.  All details are on the calendar, and apologies for the short notice!

Our next club meeting is on Saturday, June 4, at Senate Avenue Brewing, starting at 3 pm.  There’s a free beer for everyone, and some snacks too, so come and socialize with pals, old and new, and feel free to bring a guest.

We are planning a “Welcome To Cycling” class for new riders and anyone else who may be interested in some basic safety and maintenance tips for the afternoon of June 18, probably at Bear Creek Park.  If you have any interest in attending, you can contact me directly or click on the calendar event and sign up there, once the event is confirmed and available on the calendar.

Finally, we’re still in urgent need of club members to step up by volunteering for the Katy Flatlands Century on July 17.  Please help us by volunteering via this link:

I look forward to seeing you out on the road at our regular rides!  Stay safe and keep the bike upright!