Board of Directors meeting minutes

NWCC Board Meeting Minutes 2/23/2020

The meeting was called to order with a quorum at 7:00 p.m. with Geoff Donnelly (president), David Harman (vice president), Sabrina Strawn (secretary), Troy Ottmer (treasurer), Carl Grasshoff (Bluebonnet ride director and senior games coordinator), Erica Harman (Katy Flatland ride director), Kim King (immediate past president), Liz McGlynn (membership), Brent Neal (race team director), Samuel Wu (new rider leader) and Michelle Casper (mountain bike chair) attending. Ron Breitwieser (equipment chair), Milton Ekola (webmaster), and James McCowen (sponsor representative) did not attend.

President’s report
New club Business Cards have been printed
LifeTime Members have been “data checked” VOY = Lifetime membership
Geoff to develop criteria for lifetime membership incl. complementary membership for non-riding family members
Bruce Gilbert’s idea for Zoom spin class was approved by general acclamation.
The motion by Geoff and seconded by David was to postpone the Bear Creek Crits to 9/1 due to ongoing concerns regarding the inability to observe social distancing in crits. The motion was approved by general acclamation.

Vice president’s report
Texas Ultra Spirit, a RAAM qualifier, can be conducted under public health guidelines to limit the spread of COVID. Erica Harman will be the race director and David will assist. The board agreed to continue planning the race for May 8th and 9th

Treasurer’s report

Bank Balance – $105,758.06
Deposits in February – Membership Works deposits $96.20
Payments in February – Storage Units Rent – $398 (February 50% for 1727 * and other 50% for 1721 was applied as a prepayment to 1727 since the cancellation of 1721 processed on 2/1)
February and March are paid for unit 1727 – Next payment due for 1727 is 4/1
PayPal reimbursement to Geoff Donnelly for NWCC business cards – $59.60
Pending Payments for March – None at this time

Treasurer’s Goals for March –
Complete the USAC permit and put in a pending permit for 9/1 for the Bear Creek Crit. The online registration will be done via BikeReg
Complete the 2021 budget templates – currently in progress
KFC – template done and will schedule a call with Erica to review
TUS – template done and will schedule a call with Erica to review
Gravel Grinder – are we doing this? Troy will reach out to David Roberts.
Bear Creek Crits – need budget info from the Craddocks…Kim do you have this?
BBX in the fall – template done and will schedule a call with Carl to review the fall option
Secure vendors to provide “product” support for the club and for KFC – in progress
Grainger for Gatorade and possibly other support
Rush Enterprises for water cooler support
NWCC-media Ino will download onto a hard drive

Past President’s report
VIE13 store to open on Tuesday March 2 with up to 12 weeks delivery on May 25 due to fabric shortage. Ordering will be from a published internet link, without password, with merchandise mailed directly to the customer’s mailing address. CLUB CUT SIZING ONLY; NO LONGER A “RACE TEAM” CUT
Sizing issues were discussed and VIE13 has gone through great lengths to simplify the right selection. Several options include: 1) Sizing guarantee whereby photo is taken in kit, measurements provided, and note of how they prefer their kit fit 2) Website contains a link to Google doc to help with sizing and 3) VIE13 welcomes emails or phone calls to assist with selecting the right size for each person.
Troy motions that in the future we get three bids, David seconds reaching out to Scudo and Starlight.

Katy Flatlands report
Plans to meet with Troy to reassess district’s COVID restrictions, plans to meet with Daniel Sanchez and Troy regarding TUS.
To ensure good succession in case the Harmans move in 2022, Erica is bringing lots of NWCC members into the planning process.

Bluebonnet Express report
Stadium may be an issue since district is building a new high school, planning to call district.
Tom Miller knows a boy scout contact.
Troy pulled registration from public view

Remaining committee chairs had nothing to report.

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