NWCC News – mid September update

September Mid-Month News

I hope you’re all doing well so far this month. Here are some things to keep in mind as we move through this month.


It’s important to remember–or if you’re new–to know that every October we nominate members to serve on the club’s Board of Directors. There are four board positions that the club nominates in October and then votes for and elects in November. Those positions are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

To nominate someone, you must be a club member (and the nominee must also be a member). This will happen at the club’s General Meeting, which will be held virtually on Tuesday, the 6th of October at 7:00pm CST. (Information to join that Zoom meeting will ultimately be posted here on the Members page and also later distributed via email, but mark your calendars now.) 7pm on 6 October!Given that the elections this year will likely be done entirely digitally it’s important to pay attention to updates. The Board will have instructions for how voting will work, deadlines, etc. in the near future. Keep in mind that each Individual membership entitles you to one vote and a Family membership is capped at two votes per membership (if you have five family members in the club under a single Family membership, you still would only get two votes, for example). If you have someone in mind who might benefit the club in those roles, please consider nominating him or her.


We’re working on a little off road flavor for this coming episode, although I’ve run into some hiccups. (Part of that is that I donated my 29er earlier in the pandemic and I’m not sure how I’m going to get to some of the shots we need to film–oops!) However, we’ll do our best and we want you to know that those of you who aren’t always in pacelines on the roadways have not been forgotten. ðŸ˜‰

  • Club Fitness Program – We continue to offer a fitness program designed by Coach Carl for members who want to become stronger riders but aren’t necessarily trying to go through a racing program. Coach gears this for anyone who wants to become a stronger, faster rider. If you’re interested, please contact Kim King.
  • Thursday Night Zwift Ride – This has been going on uninterrupted since the pandemic began. It was originally planned as a “Third Thursday” ride and was only going to be every third Thursday of the month for those who enjoy the platform, but when we lost the ability to ride outside together at the outset of the pandemic we decided it was a great place to connect on a regular basis. This happens every Thursday at 7:30pm and is available to riders of any skill and fitness. If you can pedal a bike, you can be in this ride (provided you are on Zwift, of course). Send me a message if you’re interested.
  • New Rider / Intro Class – The second edition of this class is being held Saturday the 26th at Bear Creek Park. It is a small group setting with strict limits so that safety and social distancing can be observed. It includes both demonstrated instruction and on-bike lessons. Interested? Please contact Kim King and Geoff Donnelly. (There will be a post specific to this event forthcoming.) Space is limited, so if you or someone you know is interested, act soon.

This is a non-competitive event designed to motivate people to get riding this month. NWCC has a club set up and if you’re interested or already doing this, make sure you join (virtual rides don’t count toward this). If you have questions about how to become involved, talk to Kim or David Harman

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