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This gallery includes photos of recent rides, meetings, and other events for NWCC. Club Members can email your photos you would like added to

Hump Day Ride – Wednesday February 21

Great day riding with the NWCC. It was Wendy and the Lost Boys in a quest for Peter Pan. The C store only had Jif. As good as it gets. – Alan Stuckert

Monthly Club Meeting – Saturday February 10

49 came out and passed a budget with lots of additional benefits for members: discounts for riders who wear their NWCC kit at the Texas Senior Games, Hotter Than Hell 100 and/or Big Dam Bridge; discounts on radar camera lights, more safety classes, club picnics, and more! – Sabrina Strawn

Starbucks Vintage Park Ride – Sunday February 4

…..and another Awesome Sunday Starbucks Ride with 9 other fellow cyclists. Beautiful weather and a tailwind all the way home. – Troy Ottmer

MTB Ride at Brazos River Park – Sunday January 21

11 of us made it out for a fun ride on the Sugar Land trails. A noon start let the temperatures be >40, and the trees helped block the wind, but it was still chilly! (I was glad for the accountability today, to get me out the door.) We were able to cover almost all the trails and stopped briefly at the pump track. – Michelle Casper

NWCC New Years Day VP Ride – Monday January 1

2024 New Year’s Day VP ride is in the books! 46 riders came out on a cloudy, but dry ride. About half the riders chose the 30 mile route with the rest getting in a 45 mile ride. Unfortunately a couple riders took a spill just before the rest stop, but both are home recovering from some bruises and road rash. The after party at El Tiempo was also wonderful: Good food, good company and lots of tall tales going around!! – Amy Smith

NWCC Chappell Hill ride – Thursday December 28

A brilliant ride for two good groups of guys. Thanks to Craig Angaroni and Brad Letney for leading. Chappell Hill ride, 56 miles with 42 mile option, some ascending and some descending and afterwards some lunch. No drop ride at about 15 mph. – Geoff Donnelly

NWCC Hump Day Ride – 14-16 mph Group – Wednesday December 20

NWCC Hump Day 14-16 group today. Come join us on Wednesdays! – Gail Scruggs

NWCC Zube Park Ride – No Drop  Group – Saturday December 16

If you are looking for a fun ride with the best Cycling Club come join us. Four pace groups and a no drop. Something for all abilities. Non members welcomed. Give it a try. Beautiful sunshine helped to make up for a cool and windy morning for riding. The NWCC no drop group was out in force with 15 fun loving cyclists. Join us on Saturday mornings at Zube Park rolling out at 8 am. – Alan Stuckert

How to be a Bike Guide for an Athlete with Disabilities at the Houston Marathon and Get It Right class – Saturday December 9

Our very own superstar World Champion Wendy Larsen ran her “How to be a Bike Guide for an Athlete with Disabilities at the Houston Marathon and Get It Right” class for five of us this afternoon at Bear Creek Park, and very worthwhile it was too! We all learned a lot, even those of us with experience of being a Bike Guide, and we got to actually sit on her machine to realize how restricted the view is from that position. A good bike guide can make a huge difference to the rider’s enjoyment. Getting in and out of the bike isn’t easy, and here’s a couple of photos of attendees in/on the bike. Great job, Wendy!

Zube Park Ride – 16-18 mph Group – Saturday December 9

Great Zube ride yesterday! Again we had 35-40 riders in the 16-18 group and thanks to the Major Taylor Cycling Club (MTCC) fast group passing us and encouraging some of us to keep up in a sprint after Waller, we ended up with 19.5+ average. 😊
Some members didn’t recognize me as I didn’t ride one of my Softrides. 🤪
Come join us Saturdays! – Al Cisne

Starbucks Vintage Park Ride – Sunday December 3

– Troy Ottmer

MTB Ride at Double Lake – Sunday December 3

We had a great ride at Double Lake last Sunday! I forgot to take a photo at the start, so we’re missing two (speedy) riders who didn’t need to catch their breath as much as the rest of us! – Michelle Casper

Zube Park Ride – 16-18 mph Group – Saturday December 2

Pretty good size crowd at the start of today’s Zube ride. We had about 35-40 riders in the 16-18mph group. Due to some favorable winds and longer than usual sprints, some ended with an average of 19+ – Al Cisne

Zube Park No Drop Ride – Saturday December 2

Come join us on Saturday mornings 8am at Zube Park for a fun time riding with a great cycling club. We have multiple pace groups and no drop to accommodate all skill levels. And refreshments and social time after. It might have been overcast this morning but the smiles of the NWCC no drop riders brightened the day. Great ride everyone. See you next week as we do it again. – Alan Stuckert

Starbucks Vintage Park Ride – Sunday November 26

…..and other excellent Starbucks Vintage Park Sunday Ride. Even with the weather and interesting wind….an excellent ride with some very fine folks! – Troy Ottmer

Zube Park No Drop Ride – Saturday November 25

It must be Saturday when NWCC is riding out of Zube Park. Come join us, multiple pace groups including a no drop. Rolling out at 8 am. One of my favorite times of the week is leading the no drop group at our Saturday NWCC ride. Great turn out on a chilly morning. Great folks to ride with. – Alan Stuckert

Starbucks Vintage Park Ride – Sunday November 19

It was a good sporty ride today on a twelve man Sunday Starbucks. We also took the opportunity to sing a rousing but perhaps not entirely melodic Happy 16th Birthday to Jonathon Sweeton. Here’s a photo of the oldest and the youngest on today’s ride and, for accuracy, Jonathon’s the one on the left. – Geoff Donnelly

Hump Day Ride – Wednesday November 15

Really appreciate our Club. What a beautiful day for riding with friends from NWCC. Come join us on Wednesday at Hockley Park and Zube Park. Wheels rolling at 8 am. Multiple pace groups. – Alan Stuckert

Ride to End Alzheimer’s – Saturday November 11

What an amazing day riding the hills of Wimberly today with 500 like minded Cyclist committed to Ending Alzheimer’s. Thanks to everyone that helped make this such a memorable day. Some pics of the Ride. First is at the start and the second at the end in front of the memory wall. The rest are assorted pics across the 60 mile route. – Alan Stuckert

Starbucks Vintage Park Ride – Sunday November 12

Good fun on the Starbucks ride today. Come on and join us! – Geoff Donnelly

Starbucks Vintage Park Ride – Sunday November 5

NWCC Sunday Starbucks was fun again today. A baker’s dozen of us but Richard Van Sickle was playing hard to get for the photo opp. – Geoff Donnelly

Hump Day Ride – Wednesday November 1

We had a hearty group for the Hump Day ride today – Gail Scruggs

Starbucks Vintage Park Ride – Sunday October 29

….and another Excellent Sunday Starbucks Vintage Park ride with Excellent weather!! Thank you all who came out today. – Troy Ottmer

Zube Park No-Drop Ride – Saturday October 28

The ‘no drop’ group was out in force this morning. Looking splendid I would say. – Alan Stuckert

Zube Park No-Drop Ride – Saturday October 21

Another great day leading the NWCC no drop group out of Zube Park on Saturday morning. Welcome to Johnathan who joined us for his first group ride, and did great. – Alan Stuckert

Starbucks Vintage Park Ride – Sunday October 15

…..yet another TOTALLY AWESOME gathering at Starbucks Vintage Park with the Sundays Starbucks crew! – Troy Ottmer

Zube Park No-Drop Ride – Saturday October 14

Our no drop ride this morning. Eight taking turns pulling thru a brisk wind. Thank you all for a safe ride. – Alan Stuckert

NWCC General Meeting – Saturday October 7

NWCC Mountain Bike Ride (MTB) – Sunday October 8

Double Lake Recreation Area did not let us down! The trails and weather were perfect. Thanks to all who drove out— we’ll need to go back soon. – Michelle Casper

Sunday Starbucks Vintage Park Ride – Sunday October 8

Troy Ottmer is with Jasmine Jefferson and Charles Adam Keeton.

……and another Sunday Starbucks Vintage Park ride with great friends. Thank you all for joining todays ride! – Troy Ottmer

Zube Park Ride – Saturday October 7

I hope you were able to enjoy the great weather today. I had the pleasure of riding with my North West Cycling Club friends. A strong headwind for about 15 miles proved to be good training for Ride to End Alzheimer’s in the hills of Wimberly in just 5 weeks. – Alan Stuckert

Barnyard Buddies – Thursday October 5

It was an awesome experience to participate as a barnyard buddy today at the Waller County Fair! It was my first time and will not be my last! – Sandy Powell

I had the honor of joining 400+ volunteers today to escort 400 students with disabilities around the Waller County Fair. While we dodged the rain we were able to get in 60 minutes at the Carnival after lunch. The young lady I escorted was delightful and so engaged in the animals and games that were available. I was also impressed by the high school students who were Buddies as well. I have attached some pics but we were asked not to take pics of the children but I can assure you their smiling faces said it all. Had a blast. So glad the skies cleared long enough for the kids to get in a full hour at the Carnival. The young lady I escorted was a lot of fun to share the event. – Alan Stuckert

I had a really fun time w all you folks. Great pic Sandy, guess this was the calm before the storm…luckily I was able to avoid the spinning tea cups, Hurricane Swing & Roundabouts & other rides. (yikes, so soon after lunch is risky business) – Pete Eichelberger

It was a great event. I meant to take a group photo before we were moved to another table. Thanks, Sandy. – Gail Scruggs

It was such a rewarding experience and you come away with a great appreciation for the teachers, aids and parents that deal with the special need children on a daily basis. The Waller County committee that has been sponsoring this event since 2015 and the kids love it! This is a very worthwhile event for the NWCC to support. – John Raden

Vintage Starbucks Ride – Sunday October 1

…..and another Sunday Starbucks Vintage Park in the books! Thank you all who attended today. – Troy Ottmer

Vintage Starbucks Ride – Sunday September 24

Another Vintage Starbucks adventure…..great ride everyone. – Troy Ottmer

Big Dam Bridge 100 – Saturday September 23

2023 Big Dam Bridge Ride in the books. A great ride with great friends! If you’ve never done it before, you need to.

Vintage Starbucks Ride – Sunday September 17

Todays Vintage Starbucks Ride. Excellent 42 mile ride at a 16 to 18 pace! – Troy Ottmer

NWCC Member David Herd

Our club jerseys have been seen in many of the states of the USA and an occasional country in Europe too. Here’s our member David Herd who finished third in the Velo 99 Handicap race and first in the over 70s in England recently.

Chapeau Dave!

NWCC Member David Herd

Monthly Club Meeting – Saturday September 9

Julia’s Mexican Restaurant

Alkek coach Carl Jones and national medalist Addison joined us. We know club members have expressed interested in supporting the Alkek junior team and we do. All are welcome at the meeting. Join us!

Zube Park Ride – Saturday September 2

To my NWCC friends.
I arrived early at Zube Park today and was able to catch a small group of riders heading out at 7am. This group informally started leaving early several weeks ago to beat the extreme summer heat. They ride 40 miles at 15/16 mph. This is not a “no-drop” ride however all are welcome. Just need to set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and be ready to roll out at 7 am sharp. It was a relatively nice morning today so set out at 7am with a dozen riders from NWCC for a spunky paced 40 mile ride out of Zube park and thru the back roads of Waller County. Great riding companions. I only take pics at our rest stops as I am not confident doing so on a moving bike. – Alan Stuckert

Zube Park Ride – Saturday August 26

Me feeling good at the 13 mile break. Not as chipper after 34 miles at the finish. It was 92 degrees when we finished at 10:15. – Alan Stuckert

Zube Park Ride – Saturday August 21

The no-drop group this morning. Loved the fog at the beginning of the ride! – Ken Kuntz

Thanks to Gail Scruggs for bringing the grub to Zube today. The cold drinks were very much appreciated, Gail! – Geoff Donnelly

Hump Day Ride – Wednesday August 9

– Tom Miller

August Monthly Club Meeting – Saturday August 5

The August club meeting this afternoon was enhanced by our very own handcylist Wendy Larsen, who’s presentation on her Race Across The West was rivetting. She described how she had ridden approximately 150 miles per day for over six days with over 56,000 feet of elevation gain, and the problems that come to a cyclist who uses only her arms for motion. And who rode on only 90 minutes sleep a day!

Wendy is a phenomenon – you shouldn’t have missed her!

Zube Park Ride – Saturday July 29

Northwest Cycling Club doing what it does best…….ride our bikes. Its Saturday morning at Zube park with NWCC. Multiple groups set out from 21 mph+ to no drop at 14mph. Join us, non members welcomed. You will be glad you did. – Alan Stuckert

Zwift Social Ride – Thursday July 27

Ted and I ride every week, usually on Thursdays, at 7:00pm on Zwift. For about a year and a half it’s been mostly just the two of us, but there was a time when quite a few people would join. It’s been a long time since I’ve thought to invite anyone else, so I thought I’d extend the invitation to anyone who is on the platform and interested. We hang out in Discord and it’s a nice, social evening. We turn the rubber band on for the ride so you can do your workout or ride super easy and everyone stays together. If you ever want an invitation to ride and hang out with us, just ping me on FaceBook. – Brent Neal

Zwift Social Ride - Thursday July 27

Zube Park Ride – Saturday July 22

Another fun day out of Zube Park. We had a small but strong group of cyclist today in the NWCC No drop ride. Modest pace of 13mph out to the rest stop at mile 13.5. Must of been a great rest stop because we returned at a blistering 17mph+…..aided by a nice tailwind. See everyone next Saturday at Zube Park for 7:30 rollout. Bring a friend. – Alan Stuckert

Zube Park Ride – Saturday July 8

We had a nice turn out for this weeks NWCC Zube Park ride including 10 cyclist doing the no drop ride. We did a measured 13.5mph out to the rest stop at 13.5 miles. ( for those into math that took an hour). On the return most of the riders upped the pace and all were back before 10am. And yes it was hot/humid. – Alan Stuckert

4th of July VP Ride – Tuesday July 4

About 35 riders joined up for yesterday’s 4th of July VP ride. It was a great day as the weather was cooperating as best it can in early July. Afterwards, we headed to Local Table for some refreshing drinks and appetizers.

Mark your calendars for the next VP ride on Memorial Day, Monday, September 4th. More details to come next month.

Spring Creek Greenway Ride – Thursday June 23

Geoff Donnelly & Company – France in June


And so it ends. France 2023 has been wonderful. The landscapes are unbelievable, the people super-friendly, particularly to cyclists, the food is wonderful and every day has been a laugh with all the gang from last week and this.

Mont Ventoux was its usual challenge and took after its name; the descent was windy so nothing over 43 mph for this boy today.
Paul and Kate have, as ever, been wonderful hosts. Can’t thank them enough and can’t wait till next year!

You should try this! — Serre Des Ormes – Cycling, Walking & Running Retreat.

Ride Across the West – June 20

Let’s all congratulate the phenomenon that is our club member Wendy Larsen, who has finished her Ride Across The West.

Wendy Larsen
Five years ago I told Chris Larsen that someday I wanted to ride my handcycle along the California coast. Never in my wildest imagination could I have predicted the path I’d take to make it to this spot.

So. Many. Feels. I can’t believe the start line is just days away. I can’t believe how incredibly blessed I am to have made it this far. I’m overwhelmed by the support I’ve received. I’m eternally grateful for my incredible team… my family, my crew, my coach Rick Babington, my dietician Catherine Chaffin Kruppa with Advice for Eating, my doctors, my friends, my bike mechanics, my sponsors. Wow. Just wow. I am one lucky woman!!!

Zube Park Ride – Saturday June 17

The No Drop group was spirited and determined today. Covered 26.5 miles at 13.5 mph. Taking a break for drinks, food and other at the 13 mile mark. Come join us if you are new to riding and want to start slowly in group ride setting or if you have been off your bike and want to get your legs back. Every Saturday morning wheels rolling at 7:30 am from Zube Park. – Alan Stuckert

MTB Ride – Sunday June 11

The weather finally cooperated for NWCC MTB Sunday, and luckily Sugar Land was spared from the rain last night! We had a very nice ride this morning, and it was a good day to be riding in the shade. – Michelle Casper

Good Ole Summertime Classic – Sunday June 4

Zube Park Ride – Saturday June 3

The ‘no drop’ group was looking good this morning. Fun ride. Thanks to Amy our Club VP for joining us. – Alan Stuckert

Coffee Ride – Saturday June 3

Coffee ride had a good turnout of 19 riders for today’s ride.

June Monthly Club Meeting – Saturday June 3

June Monthly Club Meeting! Great times with great folks! Thank you Julias Mexican Restaurant for hosting our event!

VP Memorial Day Ride – Monday May 29

Over 60 members and their guests enjoyed a really good day on their bikes today on the NWCC Memorial Day VP Ride, very well organized by our VP Amy Smith. Three separate groups rode out, the faster group led by our Safety Chair Steven Freeman, the middle pace group by Treasurer Troy Ottmer, and the No Drop group by our Secretary Sabrina Strawn.

After the ride a lot of us convened on the patio at Mo’s pub in Vintage Park; first drink on the club and a really good selection of easy bites. Well played on that bit, Amy! It was a right good day! If you missed it, well….. (Pictures courtesy Troy Ottmer)

Spring Creek Greenway Ride – Thursday June 1

Zube Park Ride – Saturday May 27

Thank you, Alan Stuckert (2nd row in yellow) for leading the no-drop group today! Riders joined to learn more about group riding and to improve fitness on the way to faster-paced groups and big rides like Big Dam Bridge. Beautiful day for a ride! – Sabrina Strawn

Coffee Ride – Saturday May 27

Spring Creek Greenway Ride – Thursday May 25

Nice evening for a nice spin! A couple of old regulars made their return this year, and a couple new folks too. Very pleasant indeed! See ya next week! – David Harman

Spring Creek Greenway Ride – Thursday May 18

Fun group tonight! Excellent ride all around. You coming next Thursday? – David Harman

May Club Meeting – Saturday May 6

May Club Meeting Senate Avenue Brewing Company! Good times with good friends and fellow cyclists! We also want to extend a big THANK YOU to all the folks that volunteered and supported the BBX! Additionally, another big THANK YOU goes out to all the riders that signed up and supported the BBX!


Spring Creek Greenway Ride – Thursday May 4

Our little group last night on the greenway. Had a couple of newcomers who did a great job learning the ropes! – David Harman

Wednesday Hump Day Ride – May 3

This Wednesday was a great day for cycling for our little informal group out of the Hockley Community Center. Nice temperatures and low winds (well except of the last half hour of the ride). Our Wednesday “No Drop” group consisted of only six today. We did the “Jellystone” route with additional swing through Prairie View A&M for a total of 30 miles, which the longest we have done in along time. Our average speed was 13.0 mph. If you have an interest in riding with us, just send me a message. We are not an official NWCC ride so we communicate by “Groupme.” I will connect you to the app. That way everyone knows if a ride is to happen, who is riding and if there is a time change. Since summer is upon us we will be starting at 7:30 a.m. – Al Pitre

Texas MS150 – April 29-30

2023 MS150 all finished, with today being MUCH better than yesterday, never mind being a bit shorter at 82 miles or so. My pals Karen and Kevin are strong riders, and we’ve raised about $17000 between us on this, my 27th MS ride. And major thanks to my pal Bernie for being our driver. James Monroig, you are not forgotten, my friend.

Spring Creek Greenway Ride – Thursday October 13

Getting the band back together!

Gorgeous night for a delightful ride with a bunch of familiar faces. Only thing missing? YOU! – David Harman

April Monthly Club Meeting – April 8

April Club Meeting….good times with great folks! Photos by Troy Ottmer.

Texas Hell Week

Texas Hell Week in Fredericksburg. Hans Schmitt, Kevin Fogelsanger, Rich Van Sickle and Geoff Donnelly.

NWCC Texas Senior Games

Six NWCC racers, Amy Smith, Alex Barry, Duane Ehrhardt, George McKenna, Kevin Fogelsanger and Steven Freeman.

Hump Day Ride – Wednesday March 15

Photos by Geoff Donnelly.

NWCC Texas Senior Games

Six NWCC racers, Amy Smith, Alex Barry, Duane Ehrhardt, George McKenna, Kevin Fogelsanger and Steven Freeman.

Coffee Ride – Saturday March 4

Nice day for the NWCC Saturday Morning Coffee ride group. – Al Pitre

Zube Park Ride – Saturday January 21

Where was everybody? Y’all missed a great morning for a ride! Ten of us showed up and since it was gloomy with a threat of rain at 9:00, I commented that we could do a shorter route, which Randall quickly responded with: “you didn’t get up and come here to do a short ride, did you? Let’s do the normal route.” So the normal route it was! Six riders did the 18+ and four of us did the 16-18. No rain and just a little stretch of wet road between PV and Hockley. – Al Cisne

Houston Marathon – Sunday January 15

Congratulations to all participants in yesterday’s marathon and half marathon races, whether you ran or volunteered. Once again, NWCC supplied a large number of bike guides to AWD athletes, and schussers for the main race. My friend and club member Wendy Larsen won the AWD race by a large distance in 1 hour 22 minutes, ably assisted by Kevin Fogelsanger, who took my place at short notice. Bravo Wendy! And bravo to all of you, too many to mention! Great job! – Geoff Donnelly

VP’s New Year’s Day Ride – Sunday January 1

A foggy start to a great ride.

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