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Recent Events Gallery

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This gallery includes photos of recent rides, meetings, and other events for NWCC. Club Members can email your photos you would like added to

Coffee Ride – Saturday September 24

Spring Creek Greenway Ride – Thursday September 15

Monthly Club Meeting – Saturday September 10

Spring Creek Greenway Ride – Thursday September 8

Labor Day VP Ride – Monday September 5

Coffee Ride – Saturday August 20

Mountain Bike Sunday – August 7

Coffee Ride – Saturday August 6

NWCC in France – July 25 to August 5

August 5 – That’s it for this year! Mont Ventoux for our final ride and some personal challenges were met with some determined performances. We’re now performing some refueling operations, but there’s lemon drizzle cake!

August 3 – Seven NWCCers are still riding around Provence and, generally, behaving ourselves. We’ve had some 16% inclines, some rapid descents, some cols and mountains to get up, and some more rapid descents, on one of which one of us managed an OFOM in Strava. The pool’s been well used, food has been scoffed, wine and beer have been consumed and, all in all, we’re having a great time. And we found a new village called Prudence, too. Two more rides and we’re done.
I’ll be back in 2023!
July 31 – New week, new gang! Six NWCC members arrived yesterday, and today was the first ride for them after collecting their bikes from Albion Cycles in Sault. Up and over the Col de Negron we went, followed by a fast decent into Séderon for lunch, and then back to base for cake.
As one of the new arrivals said, it’s a bit different to the usual Saturday Zube ride!
July 29 – NWCC was well represented at the top of Mont Ventoux today, on a wet and windy day. You know it’s a climb when you feel you’re getting a break as it clicks down to a 6% grade. And, due to the damp roads for the descent, we had to keep our descending speed reasonably sensible at a maximum 40 mph. Chalet Reynard still does the crepes etc. but it ain’t what it used to be. However, we all took the right road down and a fab time today, and all week, has been had by us all. New victims arrive tomorrow.

July 27- NWCC in France today. Hills/mountains/cols, laughs, downhills, sun, friends, grub, wine, cake. Despite all that, we’re surviving.

July 25 – Geoff Donnelly is at Serre Des Ormes – Cycling, Walking & Running Retreat. NWCC and guest Paul W-W of Serre des Ormes on a fabulous ride. The 16% gradient was interesting!

Katy Flatland Century – July 17

The gallery below is just a sample. Visit the KFC website to view the 2022 Photo Album of 578 images.

Monthly Club Meeting – July 9

VP Ride – Monday July 4

Spring Creek Greenway Ride – Saturday June 30

Spring Creek Greenway Ride – Saturday June 16

Zube Park Ride – Saturday June 11

Coffee Ride – Saturday June 11

Spring Creek Greenway Ride – Thursday June 9

Spring Creek Greenway Ride – Thursday June 2

Monthly Club Meeting – June 4

Memorial Day VP Ride – May 30

Mountain Bike Sunday Ride – Brazos River Park -May 29

Coffee Ride – Saturday May 28

Spring Creek Greenway Ride – Thursday May 26

USA National Senior Games 2022 – May 19

Spring Creek Greenway Ride – Thursday May 19

Membership Has Its Privileges

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