Welcome New Members Since end of March 2021!

Better late than never, but let’s welcome the following to the club:

Dave Thomas, Chuck Caughey, Jim Fallon and family, Mark Polasek, Imran Kazi, Maria Estrella, Brian Nelson, Antoinette Smith and family, Alison Pain, Thomas Feighny, Will Volding, John Nguyen, Amir Yunus, Connie Turner, Eduardo Romero and family, Luis Perez, Meghan Purnell, Marilyn Shepherd, Karl Harris, Jana Mennen, Michelle Steinhauser, Stephan Weinberg, Wiley Harris III, Jerry Boyd, Tommy Hager, Chris Cook, Graham Poulter, Rick Cegielski, Randall Grace, Clark Martinson and family, Jill Robey, Carrie Schafer, Alexander Clay, Elizabeth Woodrow and family, Bakeyah Nelson, Glen Wood, Clark Fredenburg, Jessica Cooper, Rebecca Savoie, Matt Colvin, Joshua Taylor and Sheldon Plahn.

Welcome all!  And in some cases, welcome back!

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