August 30, 2022 NWCC Board Meeting

Oct 23, 2022 | Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Geoff Donnelly, David Harman, Troy Ottmer, Sabrina Strawn, Carl Grasshoff, Chris Green, Steve Green, Erica Harman, Amy Smith, Michelle Casper, Rich Van Sickle and James McCowen attended. Rhoda Strong sent regrets.

President’s Report
The board approved by acclamation no drop leader recruitment and Saturday snacks using Sign-up Genius.
We agreed to share news of “The Ride to End Alzheimer’s” in Wimberley, TX.
In addition, the board voted to donate to Carl Jones for the Alkek volunteers.

Treasurer’s Report

Bank Balance – $107,330.74
Deposit in August –
Membership Works deposits
· $623.40
Sam’s Credit
· $488.67
Total Deposits/Refunds – $1,112.07
Payments in August –
· Storage Units Rent – $237.00 for unit 1727
· August Club meeting – $514.27
· Club PO Box – $166.00
· Club Meeting Swag – $27.82
Total Expenditures – $945.09

Pending Payments for August/September –
· Storage Units Rent – $237.00 for unit 1727 on 9/1
· KFC – Porta Toilets – $3,900??
· KFC – Police (uncashed checks) – $850.00
· Donation – Alkek – Carl Jones – $1,500 – Geoff?? General acclamation
· Pending any misc expense from the Boy Scouts – Amy??
Total Pending Expenditures – $6,487.00

Return of Rest Stop Food –
Returned to Sam’s – $488.67

VP Report
Final VP ride on 9/5 all set, detailed post up with route.
Thursday ride continues, David Braunagel has done a good job with me out a couple weeks. Rain has been a problem, but not much to be done about that.
I will be on vacation for the October board and general meetings, and will not attend either. The only thing I might have is an initial estimate for the xmas party catering, and if I do have that I will be sure it’s on my slide before I leave.
FYI 11/20 (tentative) 100 Miles to Nowhere .45 m loop

Secretary’s Report

Nothing new
Board minutes are being posted.

KFC Report

Donations to troops 567 and 73 completed and photos posted
Will follow up with troops that haven’t submitted expenses
Will be looking into using Royal HS again and set date in Oct

BBX Report
Have date 4/23/23 – the week before the MS 150
Prefer to use PVAMU
Will stay off FM 1488
Have a tentative 77 m route (of 4 distances) w/ 5
Bike Waller is closing in Oct/Nov, will id owner of building
9/28 recruiting Barnyard Buddies through Facebook – have about 5 committed already 8 am – 2 pm est. schedule
$500 donation to fair association – get a photo with kids!

Mountain Bike Chair Report
Goal: host 1/mo MTB rides at minimum & grow attendance by planning and better promoting in advance within & without

September: Sunday September 11th
Also Huntsville, Shred de Roots loop
October: Publicize Shred de Roots race on Sunday Oct. 9
MTB Sunday date TBD
November: TBD … may not be unable to host
December: Sunday, Dec. 11th

Membership report

At 0930 hours, 30Aug22, membership was at 454, an increase of 11 since last month. Female membership has increased by 6. (Men left, women joined.)

Family Membership: 186
Individual: 223
Lifetime: 28
Complimentary: 17
Male: 286
Female: 168
Over 50: +/- 254
Male/Female ratio: 63% to 37%

Webmaster Report
BBX.BIKE – Maintenance and SEO performed but no site changes since last report.
TEXASULTRASPIRIT.COM – Not updated – No guidance provided
Updated 2022 Gallery with additional images provided (578 images)
Added section with Troop 219 donation
Transitioned site to post-ride status
Maintenance and SEO performed
Added pictures to Recent Events Gallery plus NWCC France images
Added Member Spotlight and report by Wendy Larsen, Waller ISD donation, Troop 219 donation
Team Store made Members Only – Developed catalog preview to show new products
Went through site with Geoff replacing old images, updated FAQ
Maintenance and SEO performed
Need pictures with members wearing NWCC kit
Need leadership postings caught up
Need Events published for rides at least 30 days beforehand