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Welcome to Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC)

Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC) is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization which promotes the social, competitive, recreational, philanthropic, and health aspects of cycling through education, club rides, and club meetings. Northwest Cycling Club was formed in November of 1986. Since then the club has grown from approximately six members to an average annual membership of over 400. We proudly have held five titles for USA Cycling’s Club of the Year.


NWCC offers events for all levels of riders and many types of riding. You will not need fancy equipment and you’ll always find friendly faces and generously offered tips and advice. To do any form of group riding you should be able to maintain an approximate 13mph+ rolling average (which may vary based on wind, group, etc.) for at least twenty miles (with breaks). Free training plans are available online along with advice for bike computers, fitness watches, apps for your phone and so on. Or reach out to us and we can help. We all were beginners once.

For those just starting to explore group rides or for those who want a casual pace, we recommend our Saturday Coffee Rides. For those ready to tackle something longer, and faster (maybe even a lot faster), come out to the Hockley Community Center on Wednesday mornings and/or Zube Park on Saturdays.

From the President

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Have just a few minutes a day, a few hours a month, or all day during our signature events? Want to make a difference behind the scenes or have a say in club policies? Let us know!

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Beth Sweeten and the Sweeten Family

Zube Saturday Refreshments

Thank you to Alan, who volunteered to bring grub even though he’s not able to ride for at least a few more days, and to Jan at Golden Butterfly bakery who provided the fabulously yummy cookies. Thank you also to Steven Freeman and Barbara LeBas Wu, who took out the no-drop group.

Come on folks, step up and take a turn every now and then! We’ve made it easy, and it costs you only a little time.

You don’t have to be a member to partake of the food and drink, but we do need members to take their turn on bringing the supplies so we can keep this very social part of the ride alive. It’s a great time and place to meet new people, and to hear about the club.

Feed people and hang out, a time-tested way to build community. If you are already coming to Zube on Saturdays, the extra time commitment is minimal. So is your expense since the club reimburses our grub-bringers. Join in and see tired riders smile! Click the button below for details.

Zube Park Ride - Saturday June 11

Zube No Drop Ride Leaders

Remember your first few group rides? Maybe you were wanting to meet people, get strong, and learn more but were uncertain how. Now that you are more experienced, here’s your chance to share your knowledge and love of cycling.

The No Drop Leader is responsible for leading the No Drop Group on the 25-mile route along US 290 business to the Chevron at 35515 U.S. 290 Waller, TX 77484 and back.

Riders are expected to average 13 mph in good conditions though may need help with simple mechanical issues. This is where you’ll also teach group riding skills and etiquette. Check out this Wheel Brothers article about our 2017 no-drop leaders. Click on the button below to say yes and tell us when.

NWCC Classifieds

NWCC Classifieds

The NWCC Classifieds provide NWCC Members the benefit of a free method to list bicycles and bicycle-related items for sale on the NWCC website. The NWCC Classifieds are visible to NWCC Members and to the public visiting the NWCC website. Use of the NWCC Classifieds constitutes acceptance of the NWCC Classifieds Terms of Use. If you have any questions concerning the NWCC Classifieds, please contact

Volunteers Rewards Program

Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC) members can apply the credits for volunteering toward NWCC apparel. Non NWCC members can apply credits toward a new NWCC membership.

The program was upgraded May 6, 2023. Check it out!

Volunteer Signup

All NWCC Members are expected to volunteer during the year in support of the weekly rides and our big events, the Bluebonnet Express and Katy Flatland Century. If you haven’t volunteered lately, it’s time to sign up. 

Katy Flatlands Century

 Upcoming Annual Rides of Interest

This is not a comprehensive list of upcoming rides. Listing of rides does not imply club participation or endorsement by NWCC. Click on the event below to go to the event website for more information.

Pedaling the Prairie

    2024 Pedaling the Prairie

    February 24, 2024 – Hempstead, TX

    Rattlesnake Gravel Grind

      Rattlesnake Gravel Grind

      March 22-24, 2024 – Sweetwater, TX

      2023 Bluebonnet Express

        2024 Bluebonnet Express

        Sunday April 21, 2024 – Waller, TX

        Texas MS 150

          40th Annual Texas MS 150

          April 27-28, 2024 – Houston to Austin, TX

          Santa Fe Century 2024

            Santa Fe Century 2024

            May 17-19, 2024 – Santa Fe, NM

            Big Dam Bridge 100

              Big Dam Bridge Ride 2024

              September 28, 2024 – Santa Fe, NM
              (NWCC is sending a group)

              BlueBonnet Express 2024

              The 2024 Bluebonnet Express

              The 33rd annual Bluebonnet Express will be held on April 21st, 2024, and will start from the Waller ISD Football Stadium in Waller, Texas, approximately 40 miles Northwest of Houston. This fully supported ride is one of the Houston area’s oldest rides and is presented by Northwest Cycling Club.

              Three different distances/routes will be offered, heading south of Waller, then turning north through open country roads before turning south heading back to the stadium. The routes are 95% on back country road and staying off most of the busier FM roads in Waller County. Cyclists can expect mostly flat sections and some gentle rollers. The Bluebonnet Express this year is one week from the MS 150 making it an excellent training ride to prepare for the big event.

              NWCC Christmas Party - Sunday December 10

              Welcome to the Leadership Team

              Our thanks go out to Gail Scruggs and Christine Satterfield who each stepped up to serve NWCC as Co-Secretary for 2024. The previous club Secretary was Sabrina Strawn. Sabrina is now serving as NWCC Club President.

              The club can only exist through the hard work by the volunteer leadership and committee members. Let them know you appreciate them next time you see them.

              Zwift Winter Crits 2024 – Organized by Brent Neal

              It’s almost time! We’re about a month and a half from the fourth year of doing the online Zwift Winter crits. There are only two repeat routes from last year (the first week for the same handicapping metric and the Bell Lap course because that one feels mandatory). We’ll visit Watopia, Scotland, London, Crit City, Richmond, and Makuri over our six weeks of racing. The routes and dates can be found on the last page of the rules link below (with lap counts, total distance, and total elevation), but I’ll also post them here also.

              Something missing or have a question? Please ping Brent Neal on Facebook, Strava, Zwift, Discord, or via email ( Thank you!

              Zwift Winter Crits 2024


              Week 1: The Prologue / 16 January
              Watopia Hilly Route Reverse – 2 laps (18.4 km / 11.4 miles)

              Week 2: Aye, You Might Live / 23January
              Glasgow Crit Circuit – 5 laps (15 km / 9.5 miles ) 165 m / 540’

              Week 3: TBD / 30 January
              Greater London Loop – 1 lap (21 km / 13 miles) 255.1 m / 801’

              Week 4: TBD / 6 February
              The Bell Lap – 9 laps (18 km / 10.8 miles) 72 m / 234’

              Week 5: TBD / 13 February
              The Fan Flats – 4 laps (15.5km / 12.4 miles / ) 46 m / 172’

              Week 6: TBD / 20 February
              Mech Isle Loop – 5 laps (20 km / 12.5 miles) 193.5 m / 635’


              I can’t create the events more than a month in advance, so once we’re within range I’ll start adding them to the Zwift calendar, posting them here, and also updating the rules/schedule sheet with the links. All events are being created under the Zwift club “Brent’s Crit Club” (it’s been a year and I clearly didn’t work on improving the name, sorry) and if you join that club you will also find the registration links there (once they are up) under the club events section.


              This year it’s just for fun and pride.

              RACE CATEGORIES

              There will be ONE category in 2024: everyone races together regardless of normal Zwift category. This includes men and women. The first event of the series–The Prologue–will include a brief timed segment. All riders will be assessed based on their time posted for this segment, and a formula-based handicapping will occur (via Ben Proko’s system which we approved for this series). In short, the farther you are behind the top time on the segment the greater your allowed adjustment. There is no change in the handicapping formula from last season’s racing. This will be explained further in the appropriate section below. Races start at 7pm CST every week. Races are designed to be short enough so that you get some intensity and a workout but not so long that you throw off your training routine. Expect most races to last between 25-40 minutes (for most riders) at race pace, with one or two possible exceptions.

              RACE RULES

              There are no neutral roll outs. When the ride starts, the race begins. Power-ups are allowed and you may use any of the frames and wheelsets in the game except during Week 1, when you must use a time trial frame (any wheel set is permitted). You must race on your own account (unless you are a minor with permission to use a parent/guardian’s account) and you are expected to race fairly and honestly: we’re all just here for fun and to help each other prepare for the year. There are no free laps, no neutralization for equipment/tech issues, etc. We reserve the right to disqualify any result at any time if necessary. Your equipment is expected to be calibrated as accurately as can be expected. Weigh yourself each week, if possible, and update your Zwift info as needed (this does not need to be done prior to each race; we’re on the honor system here).

              SERIES SCORING

              Each week points will be awarded based on individual finish. There will be fifteen(15) points for first place, fourteen(14) for second place, and so on all the way until one (1) point for fifteenth place and no points awarded beyond that when the field exceeds fifteen riders. For their first win of the series a rider will get two (2) bonus points. (If you win Week 1, your total would be 17 points; winning again in Week 2 would result in the normal 15, and so would every win thereafter.) Point totals will be posted each week while the series runs beginning with the second week.

              SCORING EXCEPTION – WEEK 1

              The one difference in scoring for the series will be in the first week. During the first week the event will be set to race two laps of the Watopia Hilly Route Reverse. During this week riders must use a time trial bike frame. The finish at the conclusion of two laps is inconsequential and does not count for points. Points for this week will be determined by the fastest time on the “Hilly KOM Reverse” segment. You may go hard on the first lap, the second, or both–only your best time on the segment counts. The times for this segment will be used to calculate a handicap for the remainder of the series (you are not required to use the handicap, but you may if you wish). These events are not recorded for ZwiftPower purposes, so using a handicap system in these events will not adversely affect those of you who do other Zwift events or series. If you miss the first week and want to participate with a handicap you may still submit a time on the Hilly KOM Reverse segment provided that 1) the effort occurred after the first race, 2) you abide by the equipment requirements and rode a time trial frame for the effort and 3) understand that you will be granted a handicap but that race results from Week 1 will not be impacted by any time submitted after the fact. You will be given points as if you had participated in the first week (if you have the second-fastest time, you would earn 14 points, although the prior second-fastest rider who rode live during Week 1 will not have their 14 adjusted, etc.) minus three (3) points for the advantage of being aware of the Week 1 times prior to your ride; i.e. because you know in advance what the rabbit to chase is, whereas everyone else competed in real-time, there will be a slight deduction in awarded points. The deduction cannot take you below zero points. Also, even though the first week is a much shorter than usual effort we are awarding full points to incentivize the strongest riders to properly avoid sandbagging the handicap.

              MORE INFO

              the best place for updates or ongoing discussion is over on the smaller FB page dedicated to the series that you can find here:


              I look forward to seeing many of you racing, especially after missing almost all of last year due to health. I won’t be as competitive this year, but at least I’ll be able to race. Ride on!

              Wendy Larsen Crowned 24 Hour Time Trial World Champion

              Congratulations to our very own WonderWoman Wendy Larsen, who is the recently crowned 24 Hour Time Trial World Champion after her magnificent race last weekend in Borrego Springs, CA. Wendy overcome all obstacles and rode 217 miles while setting a new course record, too. Chapeau, Wendy! We’re proud to have you in the club, and we look forward to hearing more about your race in person!

              Wendy Larsen Crowned 24 Hour Time Trial World Champion
              Wendy Larsen Crowned 24 Hour Time Trial World Champion
              Wendy Larsen Crowned 24 Hour Time Trial World Champion
              Wendy Larsen Crowned 24 Hour Time Trial World Champion

              Northwest Cycling Club in Houston focuses on safe cycling, giving back to community

              By Danica Llyod – Editor, Community Impact

              Geoff Donnelly, president of the Northwest Cycling Club, said at 73 years old, he cycles about 6,000 miles a year to stay mentally and physically healthy. He said Texas—and the Houston region, in particular—is not known for being bike-friendly, so he is excited to see improvements to the local trails over the next several years.

              Harris County Precinct 3 recently released a comprehensive plan to improve existing parks and trails as well as the development of new ones over the next several years in the Cypress, Spring, Humble and Crosby areas.

              “I think [the plan] shows that there’s going to be massive improvements in infrastructure,” Donnelly said. “I think anything that’s going to get people out to physically exercise is a good thing.”

              The background

              A group of friends launched the NWCC in 1986, and over the years it grew to about 800 members. While membership dropped off during the COVID-19 pandemic, the group still has about 475 members today. More than half of the members are over the age of 50, and the male-to-female ratio is about 2 to 1, Donnelly said.

              In addition to larger organized rides, such as the weekly Saturday morning ride that starts at Zube Park in Hockley, Donnelly said NWCC members utilize neighborhood trails in their own communities.

              The group has also partnered with local schools and organizations, and plans to give away $28,000 to charitable efforts this year, Donnelly said.

              Keep in mind

              Despite Houstonians’ reliance on motor vehicles, Donnelly said there are some “really good trails” in the area. However, because of the large number of vehicles on the road, safety can be a challenge for local cyclists, so the NWCC emphasizes the importance of safety before every group ride.

              “We operate in a state that is not cycling-friendly and in a city that is rated particularly unfriendly to cyclists,” Donnelly said. “One of the things I hoped for when I agreed to be the president was to get through my two years as president without a death in the club because we’ve had way too many.”

              Texas ranked as the 32nd most bike-friendly state in 2022, according to the League of American Bicyclists. The ranking is based on infrastructure, education, traffic practices, policies and planning.

              Learn more about cycling safety at

              August 5 - That’s it for this year! Mont Ventoux for our final ride and some personal challenges were met with some determined performances. We’re now performing some refueling operations, but there’s lemon drizzle cake!
              Members of the Northwest Cycling Club pose at Mount Ventoux in France. (Courtesy Northwest Cycling Club)
              Freewheels volunteers repair bikes and change lives

              Freewheels volunteers repair bikes and change lives

              The mission of Freewheels Houston is to provide safe, reliable bicycles to refugees, veterans emerging from homelessness and young people from low-income families. Freewheels bicycles provide everyday transportation that enables people from underserved communities to get to work and school and stay healthy and connected.

              You can help build bikes

              Volunteer sessions on Friday and Saturday mornings are an opportunity for volunteers to work in a friendly environment to increase the number of bikes we can provide. If you maintain your own bike and already know the basics, we will put you to work on a bike right away. If you are unfamiliar with bike maintenance but you want to help, our experienced volunteers will help you learn.

              Freewheels volunteers repair bikes and change lives

              Bike MS: Texas MS 150 Ride Marshals 2024

              Are you riding in the 2024 Texas MS150 event on April 27/28? Would you like to give back a little and act as a Ride Marshal like some of the people you know in NWCC? It’s a great way to help the ride flow and to meet fab folks.

              Here’s the link:

              Registration for the Ride Marshal program does not constitute registration for Bike MS: Texas MS 150. You will still be required to register for the 2024 Texas MS 150 at the main event webpage.

              Please note that all Ride Marshals are required to have a current CPR/First Aid Certification. We will help you identify classes to obtain or renew your certification.

              Ride Marshal Sign up Deadline: March 1, 2024

              2023 Texas MS150 - April 29-30

              Geoff Donnelly Serving as an MS 150 Ride Marshall

              NWCC Donation to BSA Troop 557

              Promo Team Volunteer of the Year

              MS 150 Promo  Team Volunteer of the Year

              Alan Stuckert was recognized by the Texas MS 150. His MS promo team worked hard to build support for the premier MS ride in the country. Alan says he looks forward to do the same in 2024 as the Texas MS 150 celebrates it’s 40yr. Anniversary.

              Texas MS150 - April 29-30 - Alan Stuckert

              2024 Ready2Roll Cycling Training Rides (tenative schedule)

              Ready2Roll Cycling is a comprehensive, 11-week fully-supported cycling training series that helps to prepare riders for the annual Texas MS 150 (Multiple Sclerosis) activities as well as most other cycling events.

              Enrollment is open to teams as well as individuals riders of all levels. Training is the largest in the greater Houston area encompassing as many as 1,100 riders and is an ideal platform to help riders become better cyclists while improving their fitness level.

              Participants enjoy riding with others on beautiful country roads while learning various riding techniques, safety, etiquette, basic bicycle maintenance and tips on fundraising for Bike MS events. Participants enroll in the series and enjoy organized rides, fully-stocked rest stops, port-a-lets, detailed maps, bike mechanics, SAG support, law enforcement and more.

              Weekly rides typically include between 400 – 600 participants riding either the short or long-distance options, with the incorporation of hills as the series progresses.

              Participants “give back” to the training series by personally volunteering or having their designee volunteer on their behalf at one ride. Over the course of the season, in excess of 600 volunteers will provide essential support to the series. Ready2Roll Cycling has learned that volunteering not only helps all riders have a better experience but generates a great feeling of ownership and community in the series.

              Visit to register.

              2024 Ready2Roll Cycling Training Rides

              no ride
              Cat Spring
              New Ulm
              no ride
              START LOCATION
              Wallis KOC Hall
              Royal HS
              Royal HS
              Pedaling the Prarie
              KOC Hall
              Cat Spring Social
              Firemans Park
              Beason's Park
              Wallis KOC Hall

              2024 Big Dam Bridge Challenge!!!!!

              We had a respectable showing of participants from the club for this years event, but we had some competition from a rival club from Memphis, named Victory Cycles. They had a large group, probably over 40 riders attend this years ride. Their tent was next to ours and they cheered their riders as they cross the finish line. We did the 50 mile route this year with a few exceptions as other members did the 75 mile course.

              Annual Bike Rides for Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC)

              I am challenging club members to attend next year and do the 75 mile course. Yes, it is difficult as you climb the big mountain on that course, but if we train for it, nothing is impossible. So sign up here and lets have a large group from Houston to rival Victory Cycles next year. If you feel the 75 is a bit much that’s OK too, just come and have a great time with fellow club members. We had a blast riding together and eating out as a group in Little Rock. So I encourage all NWCC members to join in on the fun and be apart of the training as we get ready for next year. If you have not done this ride, it should be on your bucket list of rides to do. It certainly is one of my favorites.

              Respond back to Carl Grasshoff if you want to join us.

              Monthly Club Meeting - July 9

              Starting Time – Regular Rides

              – October 1 to March 31 starts at 8:00 AM
              – April 1 to September 30 starts at 7:30 AM

              Saturday Coffee Rides
              – Starts at 8:00 AM

              Sunday Starbucks Rides
              – Starts at 8:00 AM

              Hump Day
              – October 1 to March 31 starts at 8:00 AM
              – April 1 to September 30 starts at 7:30 AM

              MTB Sunday Rides
              – 1 per month – Time TBA

              NWCC Team Store Now Open (Members Only)

              Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC) members can order club apparel from ScudoPro. 8-day delivery with no minimum order.

              • NWCC Amateur/Club Fit Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey
              • NWCC Elite Fit Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey
              • NWCC Pro Fit Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey
              • NWCC PRO-BIB Cycling Short
              • NWCC Speedsuit – Men
              • NWCC SKINSUIT – Women
              • NWCC PRO-Thermal Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey
              • NWCC Arm Sleeves – Warmers
              • NWCC Arm Sleeves – UV Protection
              • NWCC Headband / NeckGaiter
              • NWCC Cycling Cap
              • NWCC Podium Shirt
              • NWCC Windbreaker Jacket
              • NWCC Windbreaker Vest

              Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC) Events & Activities Calendar

              february, 24

              Northwest Cycling Club Benefits

              The Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC) was founded in 1986 and continues to be a part of the cycling community in Houston, TX. We are here to support cyclists from beginners to racers, with something for all ages!

              NWCC has something for every type of cyclist, from casual riders to racers, elementary school kids to grandparents. We ride on the road, in the dirt, and everywhere in between. You’ll find us on the roads and trails in the Northwest Houston area, and on trips all over Texas and surrounding states. We are one of the largest cycling clubs in Texas.

              Make Friends!

              • Saturday Group Rides by skill level
              • Weekly Group Rides – weekdays three days a week
              • Members-only social events
              • Organized / coordinated travel plans
              • Club Holiday rides

              Train and Get Fit!

              Frequent short rides are more effective than infrequent long sessions. If you only have three hours to spare per week you will be able to improve your fitness. To keep progressing and improving your fitness, you ideally need to be riding your bike every two to three days, even if it’s just a short trainer workout. The minimum you can get away with and still see significant fitness gains is three rides a week.

              Learn Skills!

              • Rider Safety Course
              • Learn to be a ride leader
              • Learn about washing your bike, nutrition, bike maintenance and more
              • Group riding skills


              NWCC Members receive discounts with club sponsors, such as NW Cycles and others!

              Opportunities to Serve

              • Serve on the club board or numerous committees
              • Help organize key rides including the BlueBonnet Express and Katy Flatlands Century
              • Serve during key rides as SAG drivers, corner monitors, and at rest areas.
              • Ride Leaders
              • Ride Marshals

              Philantropic and Community Support

              NWCC donates most of the proceeds from sponsored events to charities and community organizations including Suzannah Smiles (Spina Bifida), Alkek Velodrome, Boys & Girls Country, Houston Food Bank, Waller County Sheriff’s Office, Waller ISD, Waller Assistance & Restoration Ministries, Walk to End Alzheimer’s, Boy Scounts of America, Royal ISD, Bike Houston, Waller County Fair & Rodeo, and Barnyard Buddies (children with disabilities).

              Membership Has Its Privileges

              Come Ride With Us!

              nwcc logo white

              "The Northwest Cycling Club was founded in 1986 and continues to be a part of the cycling community in Houston, TX. We are here to support cyclists from beginners to racers, with something for all ages!"

              usa cycling1

              Sponsor Address

              Northwest Cyclery
              17464 Northwest Fwy
              Houston, TX   77040

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