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Northwest Cycling Club Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Has Its Privileges

We offer both individual and family memberships.

NWCC Bicycle Club FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we get a lot. If you have a question not listed here, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you have.

How many riders are in the club?

As of February 2024 we have 481 active members.

Do I need to be a member to ride with the club?

Non-members are always welcome to ride with us and to come to our monthly meetings. We do expect riders to be able to maintain at least a 13 mph pace, adhere to COVID health protocols, and wear a helmet.

What are the benefits of membership?

Thank you for joining the one of the biggest and, dare we say, best cycling clubs in the US. Northwest Cycling Club was formed in November of 1986. Since then the bike club has grown from approximately six members to an average annual membership of over 450. We proudly have held five titles for USA Cycling’s Bike Club of the Year. A membership-based nonprofit, NWCC exists 

  • To encourage and support cycling activities; 

  • To educate cyclists in the different areas of the sport of cycling; 

  • To educate and promote safe cycling practices; and

  • To encourage and support public cycling facilities and programs, such as bike paths, bike trails, educational courses, Alkek Velodrome, or other public cycling activities.


Member Benefits

  • Holiday party, picnics, and other social activities;
  • Low cost, member only club kit (log into NWCC.bike and go to the team store (under tab “about”). You’ll find the username and password you will need for logging into the ScudoPro site as well as that link);
  • Organized gatherings at out-of-town rides;
  • Northwest Cyclery benefits (5% off bikes and 10% off other merchandise with neither discount applicable on already discounted items)
  • Discounts and rebates on selected rides and training activities;
  • Early access to club rides such as our VP rides (New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day), which offer something different from the usual Hockley-based routes finishing with light bites and a drink on NWCC;
  • Members-only sales page nwcc.bike/user-listings/
  • Deeper discounts on club kit through volunteering;
  • Early access to volunteer options for our signature rides, the Bluebonnet Express and Katy Flatland Century; and
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to all the community benefits listed below.

Community Benefits (open to all)

  • Nearly $25,000 in donations to local charities in 2023,
  • Monthly in-person meetings with raffles, light bites, and a free drink on the club;
  • New rider clinics, group ride safety information, special demonstrations, and guest presentations;
  • Senior Games support and information;
  • Alkek junior racing support;
  • Support of a Houston tradition, the Saturday group rides out of Zube Park;
  • Support of the Wednesday morning Hump Day ride from the Hockley Community Center;
  • Beginner-friendly Coffee Ride in Tomball every Saturday except during the coldest months;
  • Monthly mountain bike rides;
  • Weekly Sunday Starbucks rides,
  • On-demand Welcome to Cycling class (email president@nwcc.bike to inquire)

Member Commitments See our volunteer center.

  • Volunteer for at least one of our two signature events

○Bluebonnet Express (usually March/April) bit.ly/2024BBXVOLS

○Katy Flatland Century (usually July, Sunday July 21, 2024) bit.ly/2024KFCVOLS

  • Volunteer at least twice in support of our weekly rides;
  • Help in at least one of these areas (Volunteer engagement, Member engagement and communications, Member Events, Marketing and Sponsorships, and/or Strategic Planning

    What level of cyclists participate in the club? I have heard that most in the club have a lot of cycling experience and I would not feel comfortable riding with a group like that knowing that my cycling experience is limited (and I’m slow!).

    We have a wide range of cycling experience, skill and physical ability in the club. Old, young, slow, fast, short, tall, heavy and thin, we’ve got it all. Every year we have lots of first-timers who are slow and unsure of themselves. Everyone is welcome. We have training classes to help develop your skills. We have lots of experienced riders who are happy to ride with the beginners to help and encourage them.

    Do I need to wait until January to become a member since it is an annual membership?

    New members are welcome to join any time during the year.

    What does it cost to join the club?

    Individual membership is $30. Family membership is $40.

    What is the difference between an Individual and a Family membership? Can family members get a discount when signing up together?

    An Individual membership is for a single rider.  A Family membership is for up to five (5) family members, two adults and three under-18’s, living in the same household. Choose Family membership when registering and you will enter contact information for your family members. They will receive an email with a username and password to their accounts once you submit your registration.

    What if I want to upgrade my Individual membership to a Family membership?

    Update your profile and request an upgrade to Rider – Family. You will also need to pay the difference in cost between the two memberships.

    Are there port-a-potties at the rest stops, or do you structure your rides around convenience stores (with restrooms)?

    We provide port-a-potties at all the rest stops for our large supported rides such as the Bluebonnet Express and Katy Flatlands Century rides.

    For the Hump Day rides from Hockley Community Center and the Saturday rides from Zube Park, there are restrooms at the park for before and after the ride. Rest stops along the way will be at convenience stores or service stations where there are public restrooms.

    For the weekly Coffee Ride you will be stopping at a coffee shop midway through the ride and can use the restroom there.

    For the weekly rides at Spring Creek Greenway, there are public restrooms all along the route.

    What is the average distance between rest stops on the rides?

    About 15-20 miles between rest stops. Make sure to carry enough water and food to last you for up to two hours before stopping for a break.

    What if I have trouble keeping up with the group?

    A great starting place for any rider uncertain of their speed or stamina is the Saturday Coffee ride. Even there, though, you should be able to maintain an average speed of 12-14 mph for at least twenty miles (with breaks). Most Wednesdays and Saturdays, one of the groups will be “no-drop,” meaning either the whole group or an individual will stay with you if you are struggling or have a mechanical issue. ride. (Check out the Hump Day and Zube rides on the Events tab.) Feel free to join the Northwest Cycling Club Activities Facebook page and ask for recommendations regarding rides, equipment, training, and so on.

    How do I get the club jerseys and apparel?

    Club members are provided a link to the Team Store where they can order club apparel. Club members that volunteer during the year earn credits toward club apparel, which can amount to a 50% discount or more.

    What charities does the club support?

    NWCC is all about giving back to the cycling community and for the advancement and education of cycling in general – from local to state and nationwide. It’s the funds from our annual Katy Flatland Century and Bluebonnet Express events that allow us to do these things. We are a tax exempt Sec 501- 3C organization.

    These are our current charities planned for 2022.

    • The Spina Bifida SB-250
    • Boys and Girls Country
    • Houston Food Bank
    • Major Taylor – Houston Cycling Club
    • Hempstead High School Sponsorship
    • Local MTB Trails Preservation
    • Waller County Sheriff Office
    • Boy Scouts
    • Girl Scouts
    • Bike Houston
    NWCC Bicycle Club FAQ - Northwest Cycling Club

    Membership Has Its Privileges

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