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A volunteer-based, non-profit bike club which promotes the social, competitive, recreational, philanthropic, and health aspects of cycling through education, club rides, and club meetings.

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Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC) is a volunteer-based, non-profit bike club which promotes the social, competitive, recreational, philanthropic, and health aspects of cycling through education, club rides, and club meetings. Northwest Cycling Club was formed in November of 1986. Since then the bike club has grown from approximately six members to an average annual membership of over 400. We proudly have held five titles for USA Cycling’s Bike Club of the Year.

Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC) is a bike club that offers events for all levels of riders and many types of riding. You will not need fancy equipment and you’ll always find friendly faces and generously offered tips and advice. To do any form of group riding you should be able to maintain an average speed of 12-14 mph for at least twenty miles (with breaks). Free training plans are available online along with advice for bike computers, fitness watches, apps for your phone and so on. Or reach out to us and we can help. We all were beginners once.

Senior Games
#1 Best Bike Club - Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC)

For those just starting to explore group rides or for those who want a casual pace, we recommend our Saturday Coffee Rides. Check out the Thursday night Spring Creek Greenway rides, too. For those ready to tackle something longer, and faster (maybe even a lot faster), come out to the Hockley Community Center on Wednesday mornings and/or Zube Park on Saturdays.

Starbucks Vintage Park Ride - Sunday October 15

Bike club giving back to the cycling community

#1 Best Bike Club - Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC)
#1 Best Bike Club - Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC)

On the more casual and social side, bike club members join for our VP rides around almost every holiday that has a three-day weekend. These rides range from 20-40 miles, usually have several pace groups, and end up at a local eatery of interest for a shared meal. Not to leave out our mountain biking friends, we offer monthly mountain bike rides. See more on our events page.

#1 Best Bike Club - Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC)

We proudly sponsor two large, long fundraising rides: the Bluebonnet Express, an MS-150 recommended ride, and the Katy Flatland Century. Ridership for each ranges from 900 to 1,500 riders and a number of different distances are on offer. These rides allow the club to make donations to local charities such as WARM (Waller Assistance and Restoration Ministries), Boys and Girls Country in Hockley, local scout troops, and many others. Also as part of our support of the larger biking community, we help with local bike rodeos and serve as bike escorts for racers (runners and cyclists with disabilities) at events such as the Houston marathon.

#1 Best Bike Club - Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC)
#1 Best Bike Club - Northwest Cycling Club (NWCC)

Northwest bike club riders take advantage of many opportunities to socialize and to learn. We hold monthly bike club meetings, where nonmembers are welcome, too. We’ll even treat you to snacks and a drink. In addition, we offer members of the bike club and the general public various clinics throughout the year regarding simple bike maintenance, safety, and traffic skills.

Join the bike club, though, to access the 10% club-member discount at Northwest Cycles, to gain entry to our club clothing store, and to be able to join our members-only Facebook page. Bike club funds also help subsidize members’ fundraising for the MS-150 and SB-250, underwrite trips to the Hotter than Hell Hundred, Big Dam Bridge ride and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy our free annual holiday party in December.

Northwest Cycling Club in Houston focuses on safe cycling, giving back to community

By Danica Llyod – Editor, Community Impact

Geoff Donnelly, president of the Northwest Cycling Club, said at 73 years old, he cycles about 6,000 miles a year to stay mentally and physically healthy. He said Texas—and the Houston region, in particular—is not known for being bike-friendly, so he is excited to see improvements to the local trails over the next several years.

Harris County Precinct 3 recently released a comprehensive plan to improve existing parks and trails as well as the development of new ones over the next several years in the Cypress, Spring, Humble and Crosby areas.

“I think [the plan] shows that there’s going to be massive improvements in infrastructure,” Donnelly said. “I think anything that’s going to get people out to physically exercise is a good thing.”

The background

A group of friends launched the NWCC in 1986, and over the years it grew to about 800 members. While membership dropped off during the COVID-19 pandemic, the group still has about 475 members today. More than half of the members are over the age of 50, and the male-to-female ratio is about 2 to 1, Donnelly said.

In addition to larger organized rides, such as the weekly Saturday morning ride that starts at Zube Park in Hockley, Donnelly said NWCC members utilize neighborhood trails in their own communities.

The group has also partnered with local schools and organizations, and plans to give away $28,000 to charitable efforts this year, Donnelly said.

Keep in mind

Despite Houstonians’ reliance on motor vehicles, Donnelly said there are some “really good trails” in the area. However, because of the large number of vehicles on the road, safety can be a challenge for local cyclists, so the NWCC emphasizes the importance of safety before every group ride.

“We operate in a state that is not cycling-friendly and in a city that is rated particularly unfriendly to cyclists,” Donnelly said. “One of the things I hoped for when I agreed to be the president was to get through my two years as president without a death in the club because we’ve had way too many.”

Texas ranked as the 32nd most bike-friendly state in 2022, according to the League of American Bicyclists. The ranking is based on infrastructure, education, traffic practices, policies and planning.

Learn more about cycling safety at www.bikeleague.org.

August 5 - That’s it for this year! Mont Ventoux for our final ride and some personal challenges were met with some determined performances. We’re now performing some refueling operations, but there’s lemon drizzle cake!
Members of the Northwest Cycling Club pose at Mount Ventoux in France. (Courtesy Northwest Cycling Club)

Membership Has Its Privileges

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"The Northwest Cycling Club was founded in 1986 and continues to be a part of the cycling community in Houston, TX. We are here to support cyclists from beginners to racers, with something for all ages!"

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