Cycling Safety

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Cycling Safety

The first thing to remember is that cycling is not a dangerous activity. Statistics from the Department of Transportation show that, per billion miles travelled, more pedestrians are killed than cyclists – and we wouldn’t consider walking a dangerous activity.

But fear of road traffic is still a major deterrent for a number of people when it comes to cycling, even if the objective risk is quite low. A greater understanding of how to stay safe while cycling is empowering and can provide that confidence boost to go out and enjoy all the benefits cycling brings. And there are a lot.

Northwest Cycling Club frequently offers cycling safety classes designed to teach adult cyclists how to use a bicycle with confidence and competence for pleasure, utility, and sport under various highway, climate, terrain, and traffic conditions. We are very focused and committed to promoting cycling safety awareness to our club members as well as reaching out to educate the community.

All cycling safety classes are taught by instructors who have been trained and certified through the League of American Bicyclists. The cycling safety classes are designed to work with experience levels ranging from brand new bicyclists up to experienced bicyclists who want to refine their sills and teach others.

Our most popular cycling safety class, Traffic Skills 101, is a fast-paced class that will give you the confidence to ride safely and legally in traffic or on the trail. You will learn how to conduct bicycle safety checks, fix a flat, on bike skills and crash avoidance techniques. This cycling safety class is recommended for adults and children above age fourteen.

In the early months of the year leading up to MS 150 and other organized group rides we like to offer the Group Riding Skills class. This class is for experienced riders who are interested in learning or brushing up on ride etiquette for riding safely in group rides.

And for our young riders, Bicycling Skills 123 Youth class is available. This class is composed of 13 on-bike stations that teach children better bike handling skills.

League of American Bicyclists:

Cycling Safety
Cycling Safety
Cycling Safety

Membership Has Its Privileges

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