February 28, 2023 Board Meeting

Mar 19, 2023 | Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


Geoff Donnelly, Amy Smith, Troy Ottmer, Sabrina Strawn, Michelle Caspar, Carl Grasshoff, Steve Green, Rich Van Sickle. and James McCowen joined the meeting. Rhoda Strong and Steven Freeman did not attend.

President’s Report
The board agreed by acclamation to release any claim to the name or administration of the Bear Creek Crit series.
Geoff reported there will be another Bike Rodeo for kids coming up May 20, 2023 and six to eight volunteers will be needed.
In response to Geoff’s report that KFC: members have requested early access to BBX and KFC volunteer opportunities. Carl Grasshoff, the ride director, noted that the pages had been available for two weeks before being opened to MTHCC. Some members encouraged posting KFC as soon as possible.

Treasurer’s Report 

Bank Balance – $96,535.21
$7,969.99 Total Deposits in February – Membership Works deposits ($3,220.67) and BBX BikeReg ($4,749.32)
$1,336.58 Total Expenditures in February – Storage Unit Rent ($273), Donation – Wendy Larsen ($500), Safety Class Reimbursement to Anabel Detrick ($45), Sam’s Club Membership Renewal -($110), Equipment Repairs ($157.88), Meetings Food ($250.70)
Projected Payments for March/April – Canopies (~$4000), Equipment Repairs (~$300), BBX Items – TBD

VP Report

February Monthly Club Meeting held at NW Cyclery with about 13 members attending (not including board members). The board agreed by acclamation to hold the March meeting at NW Cyclery and the April meeting at Senate Ave Brewing on the weekend. The recommendation was to hold winter and at least the budget meeting on Zoom.
Pending items include identifying a location for the 2023 holiday party and the locations and routes for the Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day VP rides.

Secretary’s Report

Now up-to-date in the posting of Board meeting minutes. The board agreed to add committee names to the ballot in seeking interested volunteers. In addition, the board agreed on the proposed bylaw amendments (updating procedures, simplifying the board structure, and fixing typos). Final adoption will depend upon a two-third’s vote of those attending the annual meeting in November.

Mountain Bike Chair Report

Goal: host 1/mo MTB rides at minimum & grow attendance by planning and better promoting in advance within & without
March: Sunday, 3/26
April: Sunday 4/16 … likely in Sugar Land to ride the May 7 race loop … but it conflicts with the Gran Fondo … may move to 4/30
May: Sunday 5/14 … possibly in Warda, TX (1.5-2h away) to ride the May 21 race loop
June: Sunday 6/11

Membership report

At 1530 hours, 28Jan23, membership was at 435. This does not include inactive Lifetime members.
Family Membership: 186
Individual: 228
Active Lifetime: 16
Complimentary: 5
Over 50: +/- 255
Male/Female ratio: 63% to 37%

Webmaster Report

The board agreed by acclamation to surrender the texasultraspirit.com webpage and event.
Webmaster added News sections to Home and NWCC Latest News page.
Added some Favorite Rides supplied by Geoff.
Kept BBX registered riders counters (3) updated daily.
Recent Events Gallery updated from FaceBook postings.
Technical maintenance (3 sites)
BBX Routes and Rest Stops Map (PDF)
Graphic artwork for the 2023 KFC event.
Information for the 2023 KFC event as soon as available.
Fresh content for NWCC Favorite Rides page & Join NWCC page.
Group photos of members wearing NWCC kit.
NWCC.BIKE Visitor Report (last 90 days) – Feb 28 update
Traffic up 52% over prior 90 days
2444 Unique Visitors
3431 Sessions
6363 Page Views

Equipment Report

Evaluated popups, repairs underway.
Craig Angaroni has agreed to step in as equipment coordinator for BBX while Rich is out of town. He will need additional guidance regarding role.

KFC Report
Ideal date July 16th or 23rd, 2023
Start/Finish locations: Royal HS, Fulshear HS or Foster HS.
100, 78, 51 and 38 mile routes with 6 Rest Stops tentatively outlined
~ 36 Police Control needed
Action Items for March:
Finalize Start location
Update KFC website with 2023 Date/Location.
Determine registration fee
Open registration
Post Registration open on various platforms
Finalize Rest Stops.

BBX Report
Things finished/pending February:
Done – Sam Bilioni created BBX Map, volunteers are signing up, board agreed to donate for MTHCC volunteers, most signatures required for TXDOT permit, secured commitment from Carl Jones to DJ, and have t-shirt vendor. Still needed are ayout Stadium photos and Rest Stop photos.

 Upcoming and 2023 Rides – Updated 23Feb23
BBC 100 in Birmingham, AL, is Sept 9, 2023.
Pedal The Prairie 04Mar23