Show up and receive $50 for repping NWCC at certain rides, show up at meetings for chances at Starbucks cards, $100 shop certificates and more; all part of NWCC giving back.

Riding in the State Senior Games? Send a photo in your NWCC kit to for $50 “Huzzah!” from the club. Bring your camp chair; Senior Games Coordinator Carl Grasshoff will bring an NWCC pop-up and a cooler.

General Meeting open to all
Saturday, March 9th, 2:30-4
The Backyard Grill 9453 Jones Road

For the Hotter’N Hell 100, those at the meeting can claim your bedroll spot before the Y opens their registration. Members riding in the HHH and Big Dam Bridge also are eligible for a $50 lagniappe for each ride. We’ll also have information about our May picnic and safety class.

Membership Auto-renewal
Want to change your renewal method or payment? Please email

Bluebonnet Express
Thank you to the 65 members who are volunteering! (For a positive perspective, that’s more than one of every ten members. On the other hand, it’s less than 14% of members. Can we do more? Expect more?)

  • 11/15 SAG slots have been filled
  • 7/12 parking spots (get your ride reimbursed!)
  • 5/12 lunch spots also need a lunch coordinator

Zube refreshments
We have openings! Each quarter, all Zube volunteers are entered in a raffle with a total value of $250.

Happy rolling along into spring!

Sabrina Strawn