For years, there has been only one 100-mile ride in the Houston area, the Katy Flatland Century.  Thanks to Northwest Cycling Club volunteers, we will continue the tradition on July 17, 2022. 

We cannot continue with this ride without volunteers; we need you all to please step up and fill the gaps.  Remember, the funds this ride and the BBX ride bring into the club allow us to support local charities, buy club equipment, buy food and beer at the monthly meetings, and buy snacks at Zube Saturday rides; more on the latter below.

We will also buy the first beer for all club members who attend the July 4th VP ride at the B-52 Brewery in Conroe on Monday July 4th, rolling at 9 AM.  We’ll ride the route we have used before and then gather at the brewery afterwards.  Please let us know you’re coming by checking in on the website here: 

July 4th VP Ride

After a period of necessary restrictions due to the pandemic, our Zube rides are almost back to the pre-COVID times.  We’re starting at the front parking lot these days, and we’ve recently moved back to the traditional speed groups, with average speeds in 2 mph increments up to 20 mph plus.  The No Drop Group is back and running, but we do need leaders for this group; if you can help us out by leading this group for a July Saturday or two, your name will be added to the rewards program we are developing.  We have a large number of riders who started in the No Drop Group who are now competent and fast club members, and seeing their development is a thrill in itself.  We’re also hoping to bring back the snacks in some form or other to Zube soon, perhaps in August.

Finally, the “Welcome to Safety” class held a few weekends ago was well received by the four ladies who attended it; they all said they learned a lot and are more confident about cycling as a result.  We’re running another class on Saturday September 17, at Bear Creek Park, starting at 2 pm.  It’s open to non-members too, and details will be posted on the website calendar soon.

That’s it for now.  I hope to see many of you out on the road as I build up my fitness for some serious climbing on my bike at my favorite cycling destination.  Hydrate, stay safe, and hydrate more!