It’s that time of the year when elections happen.  The people in the Capitol in the capital might think they’re doing important work, but work of far more import is occurring right here at NWCC.

How to vote:

On November 1st, voting will open for the four Elected Officer positions of the club; they are: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  As we stand at the moment, our Secretary, Sabrina Strawn, is standing for the position of President.  Happily, Amy Smith is pleased to remain as VP and Troy Ottmer as Treasurer.  Our two friends, Gail Scruggs and Chris Satterfield, have agreed to stand as Secretary in combination and, if elected, they will share the load.  If you have a family membership and wish to vote more than once within your family, please email

The team leading the club in these elected positions and in the other board positions is somewhat akin to a pro cycling team.  You have the riders who work hard to get the sprinter to the winning position; if he finishes first, the team wins.  If any one of the team doesn’t pull when he/she should, the team doesn’t achieve its target.  We need all of us to step up once a year at the very least to help the club survive and thrive.  You can help by offering your services  as a ride leader, a ride director’s assistant, the equipment coordinator or as a safety instructor, or by doing something as simple as bringing the drink and grub to Zube a couple of times a year.  If you have marketing skills and can help us find sponsors, we would value your input.  Without volunteers, the club dies; it is absolutely that simple.  Let’s strive and survive by sharing the load.

In other news, our next club meeting is on Saturday November 11th, at Julias Mexican Restaurant, 5402 Hwy 6 North, 77084.  We gather at 2.30 pm and start at 3.00 pm, with food and your first drink on us.  This month we have Charlie Thomas from Bike Law coming to explain various road laws and rights and wrongs to us, plus we have some end of the year items for members to vote on; bylaws and procedures etc.  It promises to be a good meeting!

That’s it for now.  Be safe!