The cool low 90s are here, but so’s the humidity!  It’s not just the weather that’s changing, though; from October 1st, our Zube and Hump Day rides roll at the winter time of 8.00 am.  Another half an hour of kip can never be a bad thing, but 8.00 am is the start time.

We have an easy paced Sunday Starbucks ride planned for September 24th; if the attendance is good, and people want it, we’ll make it a regular ride.  Seven of us rode the route well used in the past last weekend and it was fine; the roads weren’t too busy and we had a good time.  Come on out.  As ever, details are on the website here:

Our “Welcome to Cycling” class is returning on Sunday October 1st, but this time it’s the first of three progressive classes for members who want to improve their skills and knowledge.  The sessions will cover a variety of subjects from the basics like fixing a flat, cleaning your chain, safety precautions all the way through group riding and how to corner correctly, taking your bottle into your hand during a group ride and how to protect yourself from contact.  We have at least one qualified safety instructor in the presenting team, and we can’t recommend these classes highly enough.  The details are on the website as per the link above.  Let us know you’re coming at and we’ll give your more detail closer to the sessions.

One of our community outreaches is helping at the Barnyard Buddies event at the Waller County Fairgrounds; this year it’s on October 4th, from 8.30 am to 1 pm.  Carl Grasshoff is the lead man for this great cause during which we escort children with disabilities around the rides, the petting zoo and various booths and help them to have a fabulous day out of their ordinary routine.  Last year we had over twenty volunteers and every one of us who was there had a great day, too.  Please let us know you’re able to help at

Our Safety Chair, Steven Freeman, is working on the details for his Backpacking Ride to Lake Somerville and back over the weekend of Friday November 3rd to Sunday November 5th.  Some of the details are on the website, but if you have interest and want more information, please contact Steven at or on 832-684-2897.  It sounds like an ideal way to combine cycling and camping to me!  Oh, and beer.  There’ll be beer.

Our website has loads of information on it.  It’s brilliant and should be your first port of call when looking for information about NWCC!  And there will be more to come on our November Board Elections soon, but until then, be safe, protect your from wheel and enjoy life!