From the President

From Kim King – December 31, 2020

First of all, a big applause to those serving on the Board for 2020.  Thank you for your time, energy, and ideas.  Thank you to everyone who participated in voting for the club’s 2021 Board of Directors.  Additionally, thanks to all who took the time to complete a recent survey identifying club members’ interests for planning events in 2021.  2020 was a tough year for many of us during the COVID outbreak, social distancing, and cancellation of many long standing, traditional family gatherings during the recent holidays.  My family has been recently impacted by the loss of several family members, and due to personal reasons, I will be stepping down from President of our club.  Do not fear, for Geoff Donnelly has agreed to step up as President and lead our wonderful club in a manner consistent with those who have led before him.  This time of year is essentially a time of “changing of the guard”.  The newly elected board has recruited some new faces as part of NWCC’s 2021 Board of Directors, complimented by some fresh new perspectives and ideas.  With this new group, we are dedicated to providing the same level of quality club activities.  Be sure to attend the January club meeting to learn more about the recent change in leadership.  Here’s wishing everyone a fabulous New Year and may you and your family continue to be blessed with health and love for one another.

From the President – October 28,2020

Howdy NWCC’ers, a big congratulations to David Roberts and Geoff Donnelly on their successful implementation of both MembershipWorks and our new website.  MembershipWorks allows us to connect with other club members without relying on social media and the difficulties associated with trying to find that one post you spent too much time trying to find a second or even third time!  What do you think about this whole new look and feel?  Sure, it will take a little getting use to, but with these new connection and communication tools, the club will slowly transition away from Facebook as the primary method of communicating club events.  During this pause away from crowded, public gatherings, your Board has taken this downtime as an opportunity to make some positive changes.  Stay tuned, there will be more coming your way.  November 2 marks the end of club officer voting as the results will be announced at the November 3 monthly club meeting.  Changes in the form of a newly elected Board, new club jersey, and new club initiatives are coming your way soon.  Join us during the next monthly [virtual] club meeting scheduled on November 3 for more info and to provide your input.

From the President – September 28 2020

Hello NWCC’ers, fall is finally here. Yea!!!

What a beautiful time of the year to be out and about cycling. While the Board of Directors haven’t approved any club rides yet, don’t fail to take advantage of riding on your own or with a few friends and soak up this awesome weather. Remember, Board of Director nominations are scheduled for the October virtual club meeting with voting scheduled at the November meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!