Please join us Saturday 2/10 2:30-4 at Julias 5402 N. Hwy 6 to enjoy light bites, a drink on the club, and to vote on the proposed budget. The board approved the proposed budget Tuesday, January 30th and so, in accordance with the bylaws, I’m sending this description ahead of the members’ opportunity to consider the budget. Take a look, please, at the stated purposes of the club below my signature and think: does the proposed budget align with our purposes?

Revenue flat

We expect the revenue from the Bluebonnet Express (BBX), the Katy Flatland Express (KFC), and member dues to be similar this year compared to last. We’re planning some additional marketing to help build participation beyond the approximately 1,000 who rode at each of these events last year. In addition, we are laying the groundwork for a sponsorship campaign that we hope will help defray event costs in 2025. On the expense side, even with some cost-cutting measures, two big items – traffic control and event insurance – will drive up this year’s event expenses.

Similar donation levels and beneficiaries

Continuing from last year, with some minor changes, will be the donations to the scout troops who run the rest stops (and who always earn praise in our post-event surveys). We propose to increase our support of the Alkek velodrome, junior racers, GHORBA for mountain bike trail maintenance, and Barnyard Buddies.

Giving Back to Members

The biggest changes in the proposed 2024 budget will be the increases to support you, our members.

Current member rewards and perks (these expenses will remain roughly similar or slightly above 2023 expenditures)

  • Ride Start
  • Monthly Club Meetings
  • VP Rides
  • Christmas Party
  • New Years Day Ride
  • Volunteer Rewards – KFC
  • Volunteer Rewards – BBX
  • Safety classes

New and returning rewards and perks

  • Spring and Fall picnics
  • Quarterly raffle for Zube volunteers
  • Support for improved meetings – guest speakers and more significant raffle items
  • State Senior Games stipend $50 for each of up to 10 riders (photo in NWCC jersey required)
  • Hotter the Hell Hundred stipend $50 for each of up to 25 riders (photo required)
  • Big Dam Bridge stipend $50 for each of up to 30 riders (photo required) and increased gratuity for the group-meal restaurants
  • Rebates on rearview bike radar units with cameras – approximately 8 units

Effect on Reserves

Given that our revenues are expected to remain stable and expenses will be increasing, we plan to tap into our $72,000 cash reserve, investing $13,000 to increase member and volunteer engagement. Being fiscally prudent, we expect to end the year with $59,000 in reserve to help support 2025 activities. Rather than burning through our cash on hand, we are building momentum for a bigger, better NWCC for our members and the cycling community in 2024 and beyond.

Come join us in the effort; we hope to see you next Saturday!

Sabrina Strawn, 2024 NWCC Board President

As stated in our bylaws, the purposes of NWCC include the following:

  • To encourage and support recreational and competitive cycling activities;
  • To educate cyclists in the different areas of the sport of cycling;
  • To educate and promote safe cycling practices;
  • To encourage and support public cycling facilities and programs, such as bike paths, bike trails, educational courses, Alkek Velodrome, or other public cycling activities.