NWCC Annual Meeting Minutes – November 1, 2022

Nov 7, 2022 | General Meeting Minutes

Nineteen members attended our annual meeting at Northwest Cyclery.

President’s Report
Donation of $1600 to Carl Jones and the Juniors has been completed.
The board decided to build into the 2023 budget tuition for League Cycling Instructor for four participants, including Steve Freedman (2023 Safety Chair).
In addition, the board agreed by acclamation to test allowing the advertising of free stuff on our Facebook pages, though we will revisit if necessary. (Sales are prohibited by the group rules.)

Treasurer’s Report – updated on 11/1

Bank Balance Ending October 2022: $98,923.04
Preliminary budget review & prep for 2023 is underway

Donations –
Boy Scouts of America – KFC Support – $5000 (completed)
Waller Assistance & Restoration Ministries -W.A.R.M. (donations from the KFC participants) – $100 (completed)
Waller ISD Scholarship – $500 (completed)
Waller ISD School Supplies – $1000 (completed)
Boys & Girls Country (donations from the KFC participants) – $300 (completed)
Waller County Fairgrounds Barnyard Buddies – $500 (completed)
Suzannah Smiles SB250 – $1000 (completed)
Alkek Velodrome Junior Racer Development – $1600 (completed)
WALK TO END ALZHEIMER’S (donations from the KFC participants) – $486 (completed)

Secretary’s Report

After discussion of the changes below, Sabrina Strawn proposed adoption of the changes and Randall Grace seconded. The motion passed with a greater than two-third’s majority.

Proposed Bylaw amendments 
Corrected typos and grammar in Articles II, V, VIII, and X.
Article III Membership
1. Changed to simplify and clarify family memberships, eliminating a separate sub-category of “Junior” that is not currently used.
2. Updating term of membership to be the year following joining date, which is our current practice, rather than a calendar year as stated in the current bylaws.
Article IV Meetings
“General Meetings of the members of NWCC shall be held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. or as otherwise determined by the board.” Edited to add more flexibility in the time and place of general meetings.
Article V Officers & Election of Officers
1. Added term “Executive Board,” a common entity and concept in non-profit board decision-making.
2. Defined additional duties of VP to include our current practices.
Article VI Board of Directors
1. Eliminated Immediate Past President as an official board position.
2. Reduced the number needed for a quorum from 6 board members to 3 in addition to 3 elected officers.
3. Added the ability of board members to vote by proxy using the same language as for general meetings.
Article VII Committees
Rewrote section to increase flexibility in number and types of standing committees and to increase oversight of executive board.
Article VIII Budget and Financial Matters
1. Clarifies which committees prepare draft budgets and the officer to whom they are initially presented (treasurer rather than president).
Article IX Affiliations
1. Omitted NORBA and TXBRA, which no longer exist.
2. Added BikeHouston.

Mountain Bike Chair Report

Goal: host 1/mo MTB rides at minimum & grow attendance by planning and better promoting in advance within & without
October: No ride hosted
November: Sunday, Nov. 13th @ 9:00 AM (may move to 9:30 AM if weather is very cold)
Location TBD
December: Sunday, Dec. 11th @ 9:00 AM (may move to 9:30 AM if weather is very cold)
Location TBD

Membership report

At 1130 hours, 25Oct22, membership was at 460, an increase of 5 since last month. (The new member Cat 3 road race 50+Masters Crit Florida State Champion 2022, rode with us on Oct 15.)

Family Membership: 185
Individual: 225
Lifetime: 28
Complimentary: 17
Male: 289 Female: 171 Male/Female ratio: 63% to 37%
Over 50: +/- 258

Upcoming and 2023 Rides

Tap & Pedal: Salute to Veterans, Sunday November 6, rolls at 8 am from 2130 S Persimmon Lane, Tomball aka Paradigm Brewery. Food and drinks afterwards. Fundraiser for vets.
BBX on April 23, 2023
KFC on July 16, 2023
BBC 100 in Birmingham, AL, Sept 9, 2023.

Regular Rides

Zube – Saturdays at 8.00
Coffee Ride – Saturdays at 8.00 am
Hump Day – Wednesdays at 8.00 am
MTB Sunday rides one per month
All on the website under “Events”

Any Other Business

Photos for the website – send us yours!
Club kit – new accessories (caps, sleeves, shorts)
Grub bringers & ride starters
Communications: email, website, Facebook, future meetings
Questions? VOTE!!