As I move out of the NWCC President’s seat to focus only on membership, I want to thank every single person who has volunteered for the club in the last three years, no matter how small or large your contribution has been.  I particularly want to thank those who have served on the board, all of whom have given up hours of their time to keep the club running.

Back in December 2020, we were deep in the throes of the pandemic and, because we were following health regulations, we were hardly existing as a cycling club.  My predecessor had been excellent in keeping things together, and hoped that if I moved up from the role of Volunteer Coordinator to VP, she would get a little relief from the stress with which she was coping.  After a lot of discussion about the club’s future and some changes needed, I agreed to be her VP.  An hour later and to my regret, she left the club.  I was assured by our Secretary that I was now the President for the next two years.  Hmmmm.

At our first board meeting, I asked each board member to set some goals for the next couple of years.  Mine have been visible on the website for a long time now and if you would like to see them, click here:  I hope you think that my goals have been achieved.  Transparency has been one of the major targets we set, and now every member can see our board meeting minutes, how much we have in the bank and much more.

Talking of finances, one of our targets was to be fiscally responsible.  We had an inordinate amount of money in the bank three years ago, and we have reduced that figure by donating to local schools, scout troops and charities in the areas in which we ride so much.  This year alone we have budgeted a figure of $28,000 for charitable donations; you can see more details on our webpage “Philanthropy”.  We have also been wise with our outgoings.  For example, we have not spent a single cent on any board meeting food and drink over the last three years, we have reduced our equipment store area to a single shed instead of two and more besides.  We have been very efficient in ordering replacement equipment needed to keep the club’s reputation for events at the high standard that has been achieved over many years, too

Our relationships with local schools and local police forces have never been better; as an example, we have worked very closely with Waller County Sheriff Guidry to show him that our club members are law-abiding cyclists, and he appreciates our outreach in the community.

Our website is fantastic.  A couple of months ago, a lady working through her target of riding  100 miles in every state told me that she has seen many, many club websites, and ours is the best.  Our clothing provider is also excellent.  Members can order club kit at any time they choose, and have the kit in their hands in under two weeks; it’s all competitively priced too!

The classes we have run, both the “Welcome to Cycling” and our recent Skills Classes, have been very successful and appreciated greatly by all who have attended them.  Even if you’re an experienced cyclist, you will learn something by attending the Skills Classes.

We have spent multiples of hours consolidating our social media, historic data and procedures.  There were many Facebook pages with our club name in the title, and trying to get passwords to administrate these pages has been difficult.  We have set up a record-keeping system so that, for example, “How to do the BBX” is available to people who need access to it, and we have a repository for records of board meetings.  We have also made some changes to the club’s bylaws, particularly around LifeTime Membership.

Finally, it leaves me to wish my successor Sabrina Strawn, our new President, all the very best in her new role; Sabrina has been a huge asset to the club and, more so to me, as Secretary, and I’m sure that with VP Amy and Treasurer Troy, and her new co-secretaries Gail & Chris, and the new appointed board, she and they will take the club in the right direction for the next two years at least.

It’s been a pleasure.  Keep safe!