NWCC General Meeting Minutes – June 6, 2021

Jun 6, 2021 | General Meeting Minutes, NWCC News

Twenty-two members joined to hear about phase 2 of our return to group rides. The club will return to group riding out of Zube, with two trained ride leaders for each of four pace groups, depending upon the volunteers available. Rides will begin Saturday July 10th (again, depending upon volunteers) after the VP July 5th ride.

Pace groups (names tbd)

13 mph average speed, 20 mile ride

15 mph average speed, 35-40 mile ride

17 mph average speed, 35-45 mile ride

19+ mph, with distance to be determined by group

To be considered, leaders must meet each of the qualifications below:

  1. Leaders must have been an NWCC member for at least six months.
  2. Leaders must have attended at least one general meeting.
  3. Leaders must participate in a training class (TBA).
  4. Leaders must wear NWCC kit while leading a group.
  5. Leaders must commit to the position for three months.
  6. Leaders agree to provide advance notice when they are not available to lead their group.
  7. During the ride, leaders must be willing to wait for group members at pre-determined meet-up spots..
  8. Leaders must be able to model safe riding and be willing to provide immediate feedback to riders riding unsafely.
  9. Reminder, each pace group or group ride will be led by two people, so it’s a shared commitment.

In addition, the board will be encouraging trained ride leaders to create and post additional ride routines such as the NWCC Coffee ride established by Brent and Chris and the monthly Mountain Bike Sunday being led by Michelle and Troy. Other rides under consideration are the Hump Day ride and Sunday Starbucks ride.

A survey will be sent to all members soliciting group leader nominations.